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The book Alex Rider Russian roulette was an interesting book. In the first chapter it explains a little village called Estrov and how people live in Estrov. The main character is called Yasha Gregorovich. The first chapter talks about his friends and how he lives. In school he is known as the best student he gets 5 stars every day.
His best friend is Leo Tretyakov. He likes to hang out with Leo and do there home work together. Yasha’s parents work at a fertilizer plant.
Later on once Yasha was reading his book crime and punishment he heard an explosion. He looked out his window but nothing changed so he went back to his book. He then heard another explosion followed by a siren. He then dropped his book and raced out side. He asked his neighbor what happened he said something happened at the plant. The out from the plant a car filled with bullet holes drove up to Yasha. His mom was at the wheel. His mom stepped out of the car and helped his dad out as well. His dad was bleeding. The dad asked Yasha to go get something from the kitchen a small black box. Yasha got it and handed it to his dad. Inside there was a syringe his dad pulled out a container filled with a liquid and put it in the syringe. His dad injected Yasha with it. He said it was an antidote. Yasha asked for what for, his dad responded with “We were not just making fertilizer in there. Pack all your stuff needed and leave this village, never say the name Estrov again. Go to Moscow we have a friend there who can help you with it.” So Yasha packed his stuff and left estrov. But on the way out he got his friend Leo to come with him. While Leo and Yasha where leaving the village attack choppers came and started firing rockets everywhere. They fired one at Leo and Yasha it missed them but the heat and the shockwave hit them hard. So they started to run away and they got away. But it was getting dark, Yasha knew that there was a little town 30km away and it had a train station that goes to Moscow. So they headed for that. Leo did not have the antidote in him, so he had the virus. He said he felt a little sick. Anyway they kept going; they were stopped in their tracks because there was a big line a soldiers in HAZMAT suits with dogs and AK’s. So Leo and Yasha tried to get around them but the dogs spotted them. So they started firing at them. Yasha found a big pipe that goes under ground. So Yasha and Leo climbed in and started to follow it. They eventually got to the end and climbed out the soldiers were gone. Beside the pipe exit there was an old construction house. So the got in the house and stayed there for the night. In the morning Yasha woke up and found out Leo was dead from the virus. So Yasha burnt down the house and kept on going to the town. Once he got to the town he tried to get on the train but a police officer stopped him.
He got away from the officer and bought tickets for the train and left for Moscow. At Moscow he met someone called Dima who robbed him. Once he got...

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