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How I Became Unbias Of Different Cultures

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A diversified environment allows one to gain a broader perspective on culture and knowledge, and the interactions that take place within them cultivate educational endeavor. My fascination for such environments throughout my life has motivated me to interact with a wide spectrum of people of varying cultures, and in turn those experiences have morphed me free of cultural bias. The numerous experiences I have encountered during my life, short yet insightful, have allowed me to grasp a variety of values and refined reasoning. The account of my participation in my Muslim Youth Group allowed me to fully embrace diversity and its aspects.
Beyond the religious aspect, my local Muslim youth group was a congregation that fostered the expression of differences in one another, and allowed open expression among ourselves. This would be one of the many times that I truly grasped the importance of diversity in my community. My newfound appreciation for diversity came to my realization when I first joined the group. Although each one of us was Muslim, the connotations of this label were not fit to accurately represent the whole group. Moroccan to Bengali, Chinese to Egyptian - each individual had his own unique culture and heritage, contributing to the abundance of diversity in the group. During our discussions and debates on religious context, each person¿s contrasting background allowed for different interpretation and insight, which opened up new ways of perceiving the discussion at hand. Through these debates, the horizon of my insight was enlightened, and I soon came to appreciate diversity, as it allowed for new ideas and intuitions.
As my community¿s youth group progressed, my interfaith participation increased. These gatherings lead to my once bleak and dull understanding of other religions and cultures to be enlightened with new knowledge. I became equally comfortable...

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