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Rutgers Statement Essay

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The Masters degree of Social Work (MSW) is a degree that defines who you are and where you are going career-wise. If you are getting a Masters Degree in social work you are most likely going into the field of social work. This deems the question of why I want to go into the specific field of social work. A main reason for me to go into the field of social work is that social work fits my set of values moreso than any other field I am qualified for. Social work is a profession inherently about helping people improve their lives. That kind of work is noble and something I would like to do for the rest of my life. I have always wanted to do things and have a career that would help people and empower their lives. I believe helping people is the only way I can have a clear conscience and sleep well at night. My personal values center around helping people but also about helping people help themselves and improve their own lives. I do not want to treat people who utilize social work services as charity cases or as victims. That is not fair to those people and strips them of their humanity. I hope I can utilize my career as a social work to do as much good as possible in the United States and in the world.

Realistically, another reason for me to go into the field of social work is the money that can be earned from a social work career. Social workers in entry jobs earn around $25,000 a year according to ( I think that is quite a reasonable wage and I would be proud to be earning that kind of money. After a while the annual salary for a social worker goes up though and I am excited for that. In New Jersey, the average social worker earns around $53,000 a year according to ( Doing social work as a profession is not about the money, but I would like to have a family someday and a good living wage is a part of that ideal.

Another reason why I personally want to go into the field of social work is that social work is a profession in which there will always be a need and demand. In a Western, capitalist society such as the United States of America, a social safety net is required. A social safety net is required to make sure that when the cyclical economy goes into a downturn, poorer individuals are not so disparaged by that downturn that they can pick themselves up and revitalize their lives when the economy starts to get better. Social work is a part of the crucial capitalist safety net in the United States. In that way, social work plays a vital role in the capitalist economy and there will always be work as a social worker.

My experience as a Sociology major...

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