Rwanda Genocides, And "A Portait Of A Woman."

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"Hotel Rwanda" and "A Portait of a Woman"Mercy and Justice Shall Meet.In class, we watched two films and watched a presentation on thetopics of Mercy and Justice. In these movies, we saw everything from sexism andabuse, to genocide, aids, more spousal abuse, and the extinction of a peoplefrom their home land.The first movie, "Portrait of a Woman", displayed the difficulties andeven dangers of being a woman in the past. The movie told the stories of suchwoman as Hariet Tubman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Rosa Parks. Every woman inthe movie was forced to deal with hardships every day of their life. Woman backthen were seen as property and not as people. Therefore, there was a great dealof spousal abuse, which was seen as ok because it was even a law in most lands.They could not stick up for themselves because they thought it was custom also.After seeing this movie, I was surprised and even somewhat saddened at what Isaw. It made we think twice because before, I never gave it the thought itdeserved because I just had figured that it was the custom of the times. Now,after seeing the movie, I think that it's sad because no one was able to step upfor most common women back then. However, it was good to see such women as RosaParks step up for black people back then because she paved the way for suchleaders as Martin Luther King, Jr. After seeing the movie, it made me thinkabout a woman's life in the early years, and I now appreciate all those womenwho were in the movie.The next movie, "Hotel Rwanda", portrays people living in Rwanda,Africa that have to deal with a separation of the Hutus and Tootsies, aseparation that causes a huge act of genocide. The Hutu Army goes through thestreets killing those who they believe are Tootsie with machetes. Knowing thatthey are in danger of their life, some Tootsie refugees flock to a hotel inRwanda. The main character, Paul, is the assistant manager and then put incharge of the hotel. He ends up taking a stand and defending what he thinks isright to save over 1,000 lives. He does everything he can, such as bribingsoldiers to spare woman and children. In the end, the people at the hotel arespared and Paul has saved the refugees. The United Nations moves the refugeesto the other side of town and many other refugees are saved. At first, I was alittle unsure about watching the movie. I had heard about it before but I didnot...

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