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Research Paper Proposal
Name: Prarthana Bhat
Student Number: 400074521
Course: POLSCI 1AB3
Professor: Dr. Todd Alway
Tutorial: T16
TA: Roomana Hukil
Date: February 12, 2018
In our cutting-edge society, where innovation and pop culture are real impacts, the
media sets our social standards on how we view and respond to both gender roles. In Society,
power is not similarly shared between the two binary gender types. Father figures or males are
supposedly perceived as providers and the mother figures or females are viewed as someone
who deals with the tasks surrounding the family unit, regardless of whether she has an
occupation. This inherently provides the male of the family with control since he is the one that
is profiting that backs the family’s everyday living. The research paper analyzes gender
inequality in the political system. Over decades, we have seen many male presidents taking the
stand in the United States of America. When compared with the number of seats occupied by
the counter gender, we notice that there is a shortfall in the numbers of women playing a role
in the parliament. The best method to battle worldwide destitution and diminish civil conflict
is ordinarily putting resources into women’s instructions and carrying women into the formal
work compel. The research paper will enquire – why women’s representation in politics is
greater in some states and countries in comparison to others? Female pioneers normally have
more compassion and an open, comprehensive transaction style. Present day ideas of
transformative authority are more in accordance with characteristics women share. In
developing countries, having women in the parliament effects how resources are spent.
Women’s initiative likewise enables coordinate change in auxiliary strategies including pays,
betterment in child care systems and post birth care. The topic of women being well represented
in politics is crucial as democracy ensures the focus on all segments of society. There's a feeling
of direness among ladies to both fix what is broken and give their experience and point of view
to generate a more beneficial government. To outline reasons why women’s representation in
politics is greater in some countries when compared to others, I will be paralleling Rwanda’s
political scene versus the political scene that is seen in the United States of America.
Through my research, I have found Rwanda to be a positive case study mentioned when
talking of gender equivalence. To narrow down and prove points of why Rwanda has a greater
amount of women participation in politics versus the United States of America (USA), I will
be focusing on six articles. The articles shed light on why women’s involvement in politics is
unconditional, the concept of modernization when attempting to create a gender equal setting
in the parliament, how Rwanda – a developing state from Central Africa holds a better ranking
than a developed country such as USA in aiding women to lead a successful and...

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