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People can be mean, rude, and even bullies. Genocide is a mix of all three of these things and not just one person is acting like that. A group of people can be picking on a specific race or community of people. The world today is like Genocide because we believe that one person must get rid of a weaker person to get to the top. In the Rwandan Genocide the Hutu Tribe wanted to eliminate the Tutsi Tribe because they thought that they were better and more powerful then the Tutsi tribe so they decided to have a mass murder of that tribe. In this specific genocide, the Hutu Tribe was much larger than the Tutsi tribe. According to (unitedhumanrights), “Hutu (approximately 85%), Tutsi (14%).” ...view middle of the document...

Other countries also wanted to help the Rwandan Genocide come to end such as the France, and Belgium they helped America enforce peace in Rwanda.
I believe that the Tutsi Tribe was the tribe most effected in this genocide. Other people may believe that the Hutu tribe was most effected but the Tutsi Tribe lost the most people. Many people believe that this and many other genocides never even happened. Many genocides have been forgotten and that is why students need to learn about them in school. I think that if more children learned about genocides they will be less common because the next generation of adults will learn how bad genocides really are. Genocides can usually be money related or even if another group wanted land. Genocides can also be just a genuine hate fight between two types of people. In the Rwandan Genocide, the Hutu Tribe started killing the Tutsi Tribe because the Tutsi Tribe had shot down the Hutus president but many other things had led up to this Genocide.
This may not be Genocide because according to, (Hollinger, Andrew 1), “April 7, 1994, Akayesu initially kept his town out of the mass killing, refusing to let militia operate there and protecting the local Tutsi population.” This shows me that some members of the Tutsi Tribe were protected by their Mayor so many of them lived. Another reason why this isn’t genocide is the Tutsi Tribe gave the Hutus a reason to kill many of them because; the Tutsis killed President Habyarimana who was native to the Hutu Tribe. One may be able to relate to the Hutu tribe because they had a major member of their tribe killed and in my personal opinion I would go after the tribe that killed him too. This is Genocide because it was a mass murder of people in a community and almost the whole Tutsi race was wiped out. It was also Genocide because the way that the Hutus killed the Tutsis was terrible and an example of this type of killing is, a Hutu would take his/her knife and chop up a Tutsi while they were still breathing. This Genocide is not as well known as many other Genocides but it is still just as bad as any other one. Over 1 million Tutsis were killed in this Genocide. Even though in this Genocide few people were killed, the way that they were killed was so harsh that it comes in comparison to the Holocaust or any other Genocide. This Genocide was one of the cruelest hate crimes in our history.
This Genocide happened 20 years ago but in Rwanda it is still remembered. Ways that Rwanda’s government are trying to prevent a Genocide like this to happen again are, according to (monitoring radio conversations between tribes so...

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