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Rwby The Black Ace I A New Beginning

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One year ago –

All was quiet within in the Forest of Forever Winter, the snow descended from the dark moon lit sky. Snow builds in the branches of the many dark skeletal trees. Treading through the snow filled path was a shrouded figure wearing black and blue garments beneath a slightly tattered navy blue cloak with black inner lining, billowing in the breeze. The lower half of his face was obscured by a black mask and his eyes hidden beneath the hood. Strapped across his back is a Daitō with a lock attached to the sheath and the latch hooked to the guard.

The figure treaded through the snow filled path until the sound of a snapping twig and faint growls coming from behind ...view middle of the document...

All seemed clear when a loud gunshot echoed through the snow filled air. I never heard a gun like that before? The huntsman thought to himself while running towards the source of the sounds of gunfire.

Finally he came to a massive clearing in the middle of the forest, the first thing he saw was girl younger than his own age, wore a red cloak, hair that was red as blood, and wielded a large hybrid gun-scythe that was nearly twice her size. There was something familiar about that girl? The hunter thought to himself in confusion for he doesn’t remember anything from his past.

His thoughts were brought back to the present when he noticed the large pack of Beowolves gathering across from the young huntress.

She needs help.

The hunter stepped closer but couldn’t move any further; suddenly his vision blurred and against his will he dropped to his knees feeling intense pains in his head. Clutching his head in agony random images began appearing in his head and disappearing adding more to the pain, he wanted to scream but he couldn’t even utter a sound. Gazing at the girl the huntsman felt a sense of déjà vu, she going to be killed and he was powerless to stop it. The pain became too much for him to handle and finally blacked out with the girl in red being the last thing he saw.

The hunter awoken moments later, he feared what he is about to witness as he raised his head from the snow only to see the very last Beowolf had its legs chopped from underneath then the girl in the red hood finished it off with a point blank blast from her sniper-scythe reducing it to smithereens. She stood there gracefully posed with her scythe held behind her; the full moon looming overhead and the night sky rained snowflakes, bullet casings, and thousands of red rose petals scattering from every Beowolf body she had killed.

The realization that she wasn’t in anymore danger put the huntsman’s mind at ease and released him of his paralyzed state. He wanted to help but he didn’t know what came over him. While thinking of what had happened, the girl in the red hood soon disappeared leaving him alone like he’s always been. “Who was that?” he finally spoke out himself in disbelief.

For the rest of the night the huntsman searched for the scythe wielder but not a single trace of her could be found. He gave up the search and ventured back to his home a cabin not too far from the battlefield. The cabin wasn’t big it accommodating a bedroom and dining room. As he entered the cabin a sudden haunting chill came over him. Someone or something is in the cabin with him.

“Hello is anyone there?” he called out, slowly placing his hands on the holstered weapons. There was no reply just silence. “Maybe the stress is finally getting to me, I need a vacation.” He said sarcastically suddenly a girl’s laughter cried out, startling enough to him to draw his pistols.

Wow you’re jumpier than I remember. A disembodied girl’s voice said in his head with a childlike amusement.

“Who are you?”...

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