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The Inner Workings Of Guitars Essay

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History of the acoustic guitar
The guitar origins are in Babylonia and dated back to 1850 B.C as clay plaques were dug up of people playing musical instruments which resembled the modern acoustic guitars showing distinct bodies and necks. Later evidence was found in Ancient Egypt that indicated instruments with marked frets along the neck of a primitive guitar.
How the sound is made:
If you put your finger gently on a loudspeaker you will feel it vibrate - if it is playing a low note loudly you can see it moving. When it moves forwards, it compresses the air next to it, which raises its pressure. Some of this air flows outwards, compressing the next layer of air. The disturbance in the air spreads out as a travelling sound wave. Ultimately this sound wave causes a very tiny vibration in your eardrum - but that's another story.

At any point in the air near the source of sound, the molecules are moving backwards and forwards, and the air pressure varies up and down by very small amounts. The number of vibrations per second is called the frequency which is measured in cycles per second or Hertz (Hz). The pitch of a note is almost entirely determined by the frequency: high frequency for high pitch and low for low .

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The strings
The pitch of a vibrating string depends on mass of the string, tension and the length of the string: strings with more mass vibrate more slowly. On steel string guitars, the strings get thicker from high to low. Tension is varied by using the tuning pegs: tighter gives higher pitch. Similarly, shorter string gives higher pitch. The sound produced by the string is faint which is then amplified by its bridge and body. The vibration of the string is transferred via the bridge and saddle to the top plate body of the guitar .
The equation for the fundamental frequency of an ideal taut string is:
f = (1/2L)*√(T/μ)
•f is the frequency in hertz (Hz) or cycles per second
•T is the string tension in gm-cm/s²
•L is the length of the string in centimeters (cm)
•μ is the linear density or mass per unit length of the string in gm/cm
•√(T/μ) is the square root of T divided by μ in seconds
Note: Typically, tension would be in newtons, length in meters and linear density in kg/m,...

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