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S & A Casino And Hotel, Llc Company Information And Strategy Plan

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S & A Casino and Hotel, LLC
A strategic plan is a form of document utilized to communicate with an organization on its goals and the actions needed to achieve those particular goals developed during the planning process. Strategic planning sets priorities, strengthens operations and ensures that employees are all working towards the goals of the organization in order to adapt to a changing environment. An effective plan that articulates actions needed, but know if the company will be successful.
Behind the bright lights and the melodic ring of the slot machines, casinos are a very complex business. In the 1920’s, the only legalized gambling was horseracing. In 1986, Governor Edwards proposed to legalize casinos, but was unsuccessful. In 1991, Governor Roemer and the state legislature approved fifteen boat casinos that raised revenue and promoted new jobs. Slot machines and video poker were later established and proven successful. Legalized gambling continues to play an important role in Louisiana’s culture with creating jobs, attracting tourist, and producing revenue more than $723 million as of fiscal year 2009.
S & A Casino and Hotel, LLC is located in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana. The property is 600 acres. The development includes 80,000 square-foot gaming facility, a 15-story hotel with 300 guest rooms, and an indoor and rooftop swimming pool. The property has a 2,000 vehicle parking facility that contains covered and uncovered options with 24-hour security. S & A Casino and Hotel, LLC has the plans, priorities, and employees that make vast improvements within the organization. The company focuses on operational effectiveness and internal growth. We understand our needs may change in the marketplace; therefore, we aggressively align our operating strategy to the needs of the customer to provide a platform for sustainable success. S & S Casino and Hotel, LLC promotes diversification, has a well-trained team that implements a strategic business plan through discipline and targeting operational plans.
Our purpose statement is to ensure that all team members adhere to proper legal and ethical standards in our business operations. Policies are put in place for the company’s strongest commitment to adhering the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in our business operations. The S & A policy apply to all managers and employees of the company.
In mission and vision statements, companies summarize their goals and objectives. The mission statement describes what a company currently wants; a vision statement describes what a company wants to be in the future. The mission statement defines the purpose and primary objectives that refer to the customer needs. The vision statement outlines where the company wants to be. S & A Casino and Hotel, LLC vision is to be the leading gaming, entertainment in the Southern region markets by providing value and exceptional experiences. In the gaming industry, we strive to maximize shareholder...

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