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Uprising S. E Hinton will change history and indicated the diversity between rich and poor at the age of 17. Hinton is a significant author who had been implanted into cultural literacy such as her first book that showed readers about adolescences trying to survive in the world.
According to Antoine Wilson’s biography “…you should know about S.E. Hinton is that the “S. E.” stands for Susan Eloise, and that Susan Eloise is a woman”(Wilson 7). The life of a remarkable woman who changed history forever was born on July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In an in interview with Globe and Mail, S. E. Hinton talks about her most successful novel The Outsiders. Directly from the interview, “…your first ...view middle of the document...

Finally, S. E. Hinton official website claims that, “S. E. Hinton currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband David. Her son is away for college”(SE Hinton.com).
A noteworthy book by Hinton is her most popular book The Outsiders. Recently on Guide Live Books in an article about Hinton states how her book has gone mainstream for example,”…more than 14 million copied and still sells more than 500,00 copies every year”(S.E. Hinton on How ‘The Outsiders’ Worked Its Way into the mainstream). It has been over 40 years since the book has been published. The article describes that young adults mainly read the book, due to the fact that these rising adult can learn valuable lessons on friendships, school, clique groups and being on the outside. The novel is based in Hinton’s hometown, and some of her greaser friends she hung with. When she first published she changed her name because, “Since her narrator was a boy, Hinton suggest that she published under S. E. Hinton; they feared their readers wouldn’t respect a “macho” story written by a woman”(Random House). Today Hinton says in interview,” I don’t mind having two identities…”(Random House).
The book is important to our cultural literacy because it not only shows you a different perspective of these teenagers and what they go through, but it show the significance of diversity. Diversity by two common groups that’s till exist today. From an audio interview Hinton brings it up, “I get mails all the time from kids telling me they have “socs” too, but they go by “jocks, nerds, and druggies…”(S.E. Hinton Interview with Don Swaim). The Outsiders is important because everybody can relate in a different ways. It’s a universal and even a banned novel.
Another book worth reading book if you liked the The Outsiders is Rumble Fish. Most people say Rumble Fish is the mature version of The Outsiders. For example they are similar to each other, but dealing with different demons and different obstacles. The book is important to literature because it teaches Rusty-James the main character he can’t be someone else he can only be himself. Which deals with some similar conflict to today, people try to be someone they are not, to get accept. Rumble Fish is important to our cultural literacy because it teaches valuable lessons. Although, Rumble Fish will never be as successful as The...

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