S.P.O.T. Escapees Essay

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Vanessa staggers toward the cave, her only shelter. In the distance she heard the buzzing of radiation of a spaceship coming her way. She uses her remaining strength and forces herself to take the last steps into the cave before she faints. Closing her eyes, she sighs in relief, and thinks about why she got into this mess in the first place. Slowly her mind gives her a flashback about her life, before all this happened. Back in the beginning, when she was a naive little girl, full of curiosity, but posed a threat to her – NO! She must not think or else she will be tracked mentally by them. For days she didn't eat anything, and her flask had almost no water anymore. She needed to find the A.U.F. fast, or else she will die, but for now, she shall rest, and save her energy. At times like these, she missed Sam the most, to prevent from crying, she closed her eyes.
As she slept and dreamed about the times before, she remembered Sam laughing with her on her 16th initiation. She stepped up onto the platform and was about to receive her star to combine her with her assigned life-mate. Suddenly, the S.P.O.T. bombarded the ceremony. There she saw her ex-best friend, Ashely, smirking while walking up to her. Ashely, then turned around and sought out to find her life-mate's face, Sam, and smiled gently. Sam only looked back at her with disgust and hatred. As Ashely stepped up to the podium and addressed the crowd, “I have witnessed my dear friend, Vanessa Christina Sun, doing the forbidden with my life-mate. They both shall be quarantined until further discussions – ” Before she finished, Sam tackled her to the ground and signaled Vanessa to make her mistake. Vanessa shook her head not willing to leave her only friend and partial lover in the existence, however, Sam mouthed, “I promise to meet you where we always planned.”
Vanessa nodded and teared away from her attackers and ran. She was confident that she could get away, this was her home, she knew every detail of it. The people chasing her were from the Elite, they are not familiar with her home. With that, she ducted into the gutters and headed towards her home. As soon as she got to her house, she silently moved through the kitchen and bedroom, changing into more comfortable clothing and getting her necessities. That was when the first blast of messages flew into her head. Vanessa frowned as she heard her mom calling her, telling her that she will be alright, as soon as she admits her faults. However, Vanessa knew that telepathy could only be used by friends and family if she was thinking about them. That was the only way to track her. So, she blocked all images out, except Sam. She packed everything, while still trying to connect with Sam's mind, the longer she tried the more urgent she became. What if they had already gotten to him? Then she would really be alone in this world, would she want to live then? Suddenly, she felt a twitch in her mind, and to her relief, she heard Sam's voice. She asked...