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Introduction The case is about American Airlines? forecasting system IFS, which was built by and then upgraded by Sabre Group. American Airlines is a major airline company in the United States and its parent company is AMR Corp. Sabre was formed by the IT group working in American Airlines as a separate company from American Airlines but as a subsidiary of AMR Corp.American Airlines was founded in 1930 under the name American Airways, Inc. In 1934, American Airways name changed in to its current name American Airlines. At the end of 1930?s it became the largest air carrier company in the USA.In 1945, American Overseas Airlines (AOA) was formed by the Trans-Atlantic division, which served a number of European countries as American's first European service. AOA was the result of the merger between the international division of American and a company called American Export Airlines. In 1950 AOA merged with Pan American World Airways At the end of 1959 and into the early 1960s, American, teaming up with IBM, introduced and implemented a Semi-Automated Business Research Environment (SABRE), the largest electronic data processing system for business use. This system was installed on two IBM 7090 computers located in New York. It had a capability to process 84,000 telephone calls per day. This first Sabre system?s cost was $40 million with 400 man-years effort.By 1964, the SABRE network extended from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico. It became the largest real-time data processing system, second only to the U.S. government's SAGE system. SABRE remained as a in-house system for America until 1975 when the marketing SABRE to travel agencies in the U.S. began. By year the end of 1976 the system is installed in 130 locations. Of the top 100 agency accounts located in highly competitive markets who select automation systems, 86 percent elect to use the Sabre system.American merged with Trans Caribbean Airways in 1970 that allowed American Airlines to serve in Caribbean routes. It expanded those routes throughout the early 70s, including routes obtained in 1975 from Pan American World Airways Inc. American launched a major route expansion after the airline deregulation took place in 1978 and in January 1979. American established its Dallas/Fort Worth hub in 1981 and its Chicago hub in 1982. 1982 was an important year for American, in this year American Airlines was reorganized and AMR Corporation was formed and it became as the parent company of American Airlines, Inc. In 1983, Sabre expands its computer reservations system to Canadian travel agents.American opened its Nashville and San Juan hubs in 1986. SABRE, which was the largest private real-time computer network and travel information data base, became available via the personal computer. Miami was selected as American Airlines? seventh hub by the help of the IFS system. In 1993, AMR Corporation formed the SABRE Technology Group. It included AMR Information Services (AMRIS), SABRE Travel...

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1852 words - 8 pages better carrier. Moreover, both the airlines also needed more and more processing power to deal with a far higher volume of customers. They also needed more features as, the ability to link with the prices and seat arrangements with inventories compare to other airlines with whom they were being cooperated. Both West Jet and JetBlue did contract with Sabre Holdings to modify and upgrade airline reservation systems. The major differences between

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2574 words - 10 pages Porter attractive as this expert knowledge provides an illusion of control, legitimacy and security amidst all the uncertainty.Gaining Advantage Through Applying Information Systems American Airlines - SABREOne of the most commonly used examples of gaining strategic advantage through the application of IS has to be the SABRE reservation system by American Airlines (AA). It was the first electronic reservation system in the US that was highly

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467 words - 2 pages Case 14: AMR - American Airlines Valuation: Valuing a Corporate Bond Issue AMR is the parent company of American Airlines. In addition to its primary subsidiary, AMR also operates several airline support companies such as the SABRE group (reservations), the Management Services Group, and American Eagle (a regional carrier). American Airlines is currently considering the issuance of a series of $1,000

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1465 words - 6 pages of the airline industry.2. 1980: AA's growth plans called for ore planes, new routes, increased membership in its AAdvantage frequent flier program, and an enlarged installed base of its SABRE reservation system.3. 1981:The Presidents Conferences began.4. 1983: Two Tier compensation system concepts was adopted. Head count restrictions was applied to the managerial posts5. 1985: Decline in fuel prices. AA began building up it U.S route network6

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681 words - 3 pages it to the state tournament. There are people that are still surprised when they find out I compete on the wrestling team, sing in choir, am a Sabre dancer, do hip-hop dance team, and hold a part time job, all while keeping my grades up. However, these challenges that I have placed upon myself are no more difficult than the challenges I had to overcome growing up. I have the motivation to keep taking bigger challengers in life and accomplishing them. I feel as if I have overcome so many obstacles already, there is not one that can stop me now.

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3664 words - 15 pages implementation of these systems (fiddler and Rogerson, 1996). It has been claimed that strategic IS planning can help an organisation visualise the potential contribution of IS (Lederer & Gardiner, 1992).Gaining Advantage Through Applying Information SystemsAmerican Airlines - SABREOne of the most commonly used examples of gaining strategic advantage through the application of IS has to be the SABRE reservation system by American Airlines (AA). It was


767 words - 3 pages , the bus company has turned to extorting money from desperate commuters. The situation got worse with the night travel ban. However I do not mind traveling with another so long it's cheaper on my not-so-deep pockets. A keen look at the Sabre star should tell you the state of roads that lead to Turkana. Oh, there is no actual road. Just some tracks that provide the direction to the destination. The journey is anything but smooth. If you happen to

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2188 words - 9 pages the problems get too bad Adrian goes to his grandmother who comforts him by preparing him a good meal and by squeezing his spots. Adrian and his father even move in with her for a while when Mr. Mole is not able to pay the electricity bill. The snobby boy joins a samaritan organization where he has to look after an old, dirty man, Bert Bexter. Bert's dog is called Sabre and in the beginning Adrian fears the big dog. Later he starts liking Bert

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