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On August 23, 1927, Nicola Sacco and Barolomeo Vanzetti were executed in one of the most controversial legal cases in American history. Two men were shot and robbed in Braintree, MA, and two poor Italian immigrants were arrested for the crime. Although neither Sacco nor Vanzetti had criminal records, they both had pistols on them at the time, and followed a violent anarchist leader. Following their arrest, the seven-year case on the crime would drive national and international protests demanding their exoneration. There were numerous elements in the trial that influenced the guilty verdicts for the men including, but not limited to, weak evidence. The Sacco Vanzetti trial displays the social injustices and prejudice in American society during the time. It is evident that even though they are innocent, the court used Sacco and Vanzetti as scapegoats in this crime because of their beliefs and background.
The “Red Scare” was consuming many American’s lives following World War 1. After the war ended, anarchist bombings began, and a general fear of socialists, anarchists, communists, and immigrants swept the nation. There had always been resentment to immigrants in America, and these attacks just intensified these feelings. Americans were concerned that, because the Russian Revolution occurred, that it would happen in America next. The government began sweeping immigrants up and deporting them. Many innocent people were arrested because of their views against democracy. Although Sacco and Vanzetti were on trial for murder, their beliefs of how society should be run was the main focus in the trial.
Nicola Sacco and Barolmeo Vanzetti arrived in America as Italian immigrants in 1908. Sacco was seventeen working at a shoe factory, and Vanzetti was a 20-year-old fishmonger. Unlike Vanzetti, Sacco brought his family with him to America, which included his pregnant wife, Rosina, and their two-year-old son Dante. Sacco and Vanzetti had strong feelings of how society should be run, which led them to become anarchists. They believed that everyone should have a job and the necessities of life, meaning economic resources of the society should be owned collectively and distributed between everyone equally. Sacco and Vanzetti followed a man named Luigi Galleani, an Italian anarchist who supported revolutionary violence. Although Galleani began with labor actions and strikes, after World War 1 his group became violent. . The United States government at the time held Gelleani’s group as one of the most dangerous enemies to the government. The Gallenisti only targeted people that were involved in the persecution of anarchists and workers. On June 2, 1919, there was a terrorist attack on Attorney General Palmer when a bomb exploded near house. The government didn’t know who did this, and began a frenzy of arresting everyone who they believed might be a terrorist, which included the Gallenisti. Because the Gallenisti were being targeted and...

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