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Sacramento Kings Essay

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Determining the need for marketing research
Is there a lack of information about your market?
• The Sacramento Kings were in a condition to change their entire franchise to the Seattle Super Sonics and make the brand more well-known because the sports industry is major in Seattle, but unfortunately the NBA did not agree with this.
• The organization also was very awful in terms of player development, poor draft picks, and bad trades.
• Due to all the negative impacts on the team, in the 2013-2014 season of the NBA the Sacramento Kings are placed last in the western conference and all the fans (band Wagoner’s) are not interested in supporting teams who are performing poorly.
• The Kings Salary cap is about $12.5 million and this is a small amount if the team ever wanted to rebrand or gain new players to the team because of high demand salary.
• If the team is performing this poorly, they should look into searching for a new head coach because the head coach is one of the big reasons that cause a team to perform terribly.
• Due to the lack of popularity of the Sacramento Kings franchise, NBA fans in today’s generation idealize towards teams such as the Miami heats, Oklahoma city thunder, Indiana Pacers, etc.
• To the individuals who watch the NBA they believe this team really does not exist due to a poor record and also the franchise did not do anything extremely exciting for a long period of times that will astonish the fan base and make them popular like back in 1951 when they won the NBA finals as the Rochester Royals
• After viewing the price of the jersey`s vs other teams jerseys, they priced there goods slightly lower than other teams and also the Kings have more sale promotions towards their jerseys.
o This show the Kings are not selling much of their fan wear base and this will result the marketing industry of the Sacramento Kings in decline in profits.
What is the perception of the consumer?
• The consumers are really disappointed in the way the Sacramento Kings have been progressing in the previous NBA seasons as they were recently ranked 25th overall in the league.
• This has been a huge influence towards the attendance record for the 2012 – 2013 NBA season, as the Kings were ranked 30th in the entire league. (The lowest attendance record in the league)
o From a total of 41 home games the Sacramento Kings averaged a season low of approximately 13, 749 people to be present for every game.
• NBA has offered Sacramento Kings to rebuild their arena, and is not allowing them to relocate to another city. They believe that by rebuilding the arena it could possibly attract more consumers and fans to be a part of the Sacramento Kings.
• However, after the rebuilding process of the team and new built arena, the fan support is now finally starting to increase as the Sacramento kings are ranked 22nd overall, for attendance in the current NBA season.

Defining the Problem – Relocation/Ownership
The Sacramento Kings is a family owned...

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