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The French Revolution began in 1789, inspired by the American Revolution, which ended a mere 6 years before the French Revolution began. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is set during the French Revolution for about half of the novel. Dickens focuses on a theme involving sacrifices made by certain characters right before the French Revolution and during the Revolution using many examples to develop the theme. He developed the theme of sacrifice for others in the name of something or someone throughout the book through the sacrifices of Manette’s sanity for Lucie Manette to marry Charles Darnay, Darnay’s freedom in order to go back to France to help Gabelle out of prison, and Sydney ...view middle of the document...

Then, the dreaded thought comes to life when Miss Pross runs out of Dr. Manette’s room yelling, “’O me, O me!,’ cried she, wringing her hands. ‘What is to be told to Ladybird? He doesn’t know me and is making shoes.” (150). She found Manette making shoes again, showing his insanity has returned. Also, he didn’t recognize Miss Pross, who is a long time servant of the Manettes, so he has obviously relapsed. She is worried about telling Lucie, because she doesn’t want to ruin Lucie’s recent marriage with this horrible news. Although, Dr. Manette’s sanity returns nine days later, which made the sacrifice for his beloved daughter worth it.
After the marriage, in the middle of the novel, Charles Darnay sacrifices his freedom to travel back into France to free an old, loyal servant named Gabelle. Gabelle sends Darnay a letter explaining his recent imprisonment. The opening line of the letter states, “After having long been in danger of my life at the hands of the village, I have been seized, with great violence and indignity, and brought a long journey on foot to Paris.”(186). Then, later on in the letter, Gabelle pleads for Darnay’s help with the words, “For the love of Heaven, of justice, of generosity, of the honor of your noble name, I supplicate you, Monsieur heretofore the Marquis, to succor and release me.” (186). Darnay, being the ‘generous man’ he is, travels back into France, where the French Revolution is raging, to free Gabelle. The peasants have murdered many nobles, and Darnay knows who his family is, and even with this information, he travels back to save his loyal servant. Although, before he can free his friend and old servant, he is arrested for coming back to France after leaving to live in England. Darnay is tried to see if he will be murdered, and he says the following: “Friends, you deceive yourselves, or you are deceived. I am not a traitor!” (192). These words are some of many that free him from his arrest, so all turns out well for him, up until he is arrested again, and can’t save Gabelle....

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