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Sacrifices for Children: Is it necessary that they have a stay at home parent
It used to be, that the wife was the designated house maker, and the husband would go work to work the day shift and make all the money. The wife would then take care of the kids and raise them and look after them while the father was away. Since then many things have changed. Women can get jobs easier now and make just as much or more money than men, so the problem arises what to do with the children while the parents are out. There are some fathers who stay at home and look after them even though this is not typical. Some parents ship their kids off to daycare, and leave the responsibility to some one else. Then some parents go to the extent of home schooling their kids. Some where in between these extremes there has to be a prosperous medium.
     “Of the 41.8 million children under 15 who lived with two parents last year, more than 25% had mothers who did not work and stayed home, according to a Census Bureau report,” Genaro Armas writes. This is an increase of stay at home parents which maybe because of the economic boom. Many people are wondering why you would give up a job, and economic security just to raise your kids. What most don’t realize is that you are taking on another job when you take care if your kids. The Census Bureau also reported that 55% of women who gave birth between July 1999 and July 2000 returned to the labor force within a year of having their babies. This means that most mothers do not end up at home like old times. They are choosing there own economic safety over there child’s well being. They still have time with there children just while they are at work they just like to forget where there children are.

One of the issues that parents are dealing with is money. They believe that they can’t have a stay at home parent, because they wouldn’t be able to live off of one parent’s salary. However what many people don’t know that the value of a stay a home parent is a lot more than one would imagine. According to Barbara Sefton, “The stay-at-home mother is on duty an average of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. She provides a service with a market value of approximately $36,000 annually.” This is more than some individual salaries. Most do not realize how much work a stay a stay at home mom does, from cooking, shopping, driving kids, watching kids, laundry, cleaning and many other duties. From those thoughts it makes more sense in that you would save much more money with a stay at home parent.
     When both parents work then they have to find a place for the children to be while they are away. Day care can be an uncertain place to send your kids while you are not around to supervise them. Do you really trust some one else’s judgment when it comes to your kids. Plus all of the germs they will come in contact, will increase their chances of getting sick. What about...

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