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Sacrifices Of The Youth Essay

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The island of Crete had a palace full of twists and turns that belonged to King Minos. His palace was dark, which made it harder for you to see where you were going. The palace would make you feel as if something was crawling on your skin because of its creepiness. As you sniff, the smell of the dead arises into your nose. Walking by each room, you can hear a banging sound. Everywhere you go, you can taste the saltiness of the ocean. The sounds of whimpering and cries of other people are easily heard. Every year, fourteen youth would enter the palace and try to find a secret way out. King Minos would always choose seven boys and seven girls to even things out. But there was one condition; ...view middle of the document...

He trained hard to win this competition because it would be his one chance to show everyone he was strong. He also had a virus that was very deadly. It could spread to anyone very easily. Sneezing or coughing at someone or something could spread the virus. When the day came, the arms and legs of the youth were wiggly like jelly. The palace was like a contraption, made to make you dizzy.
“Wow, we’re finally here,” Billy murmured. “This looks scarier than I imagined.”
“Hurry up and get in there!” the guard screeched. His blaring shout shook everything in the palace.
“Ok, ok!” Sophie chimed in. As everyone entered the palace, they instantly heard a boom! At first, everyone was frightened, but the guard explained that it was just a bull getting worked up.
“All right! Now split up!” the guard roared. Everyone ran in different directions, hopefully getting to the exit. Every few minutes, someone would go “AHHHHH!” because they thought they saw a bull. While the youth walked into countless rooms full of dead ends, they walls could be heard whispering faintly. The pictures on the walls looked at each youth who passed by. Dave searched each room very carefully before leaving because he could end up missing his one-way ticket out of the palace.
Man, this place gives me the creeps, Dan thought. Just as he walked into a room, a bull attacked him and was killed. The guard forgot to mention that the bulls have very quick instincts. This pattern kept repeating until one person was left standing; Dave. He was lucky that when the bulls charged at him, Dave was able to dodge the hits. He finally reached the last room in the hallway. As he opened the door, a bull stood waiting for him to make the first move. Flames burned in the eyes of the bull. Dave took a step forward when all of a sudden, the bull came charging. A bull’s instincts were quick, but Dave’s instincts were much quicker because of his training. He quickly jumped on the bull and flipped. Dave landed behind...

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