Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks Essay

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Safe Haven: the novel
The author: Nicholas Sparks
Nicholas Sparks was born on December 31, 1965 in Omaha, Nebraska and works as author, screenwriter and producer. He is born as the middle of three children. His older brother is called Michael and his younger sister is named Danielle. In 2000 she died from a brain tumour. Later he stated he had based the female protagonist in the novel “A Walk to Remember” on her.
During his childhood his family moved a lot, but during his high school years the family Sparks lived in Fair Oaks, California. Later he attended the University of Notre Dame in South Bend with a full track and field scholarship. During his freshman year his team set a record for the 4 x 800 relay.
He wrote two unpublished novels, “The Passing” and “The Royal Murders” but it wasn’t until he was transferred to Washington, DC for his job in 1992, he started writing “The Notebook” and finished it in less than 6 months. Nevertheless his manuscript didn’t get noticed till 1994 by literary agent Theresa Park. In October 1995 she got a 1 million dollar budget in advance from Time Warner Book Group to publish the book. In October 1996 the book was published and in its first week of release it made the New York best-seller list. Later he moved back to New Bern, North Carolina.
Up to now he has written seventeen novels and one non-fiction. All his works have been New York Time bestsellers, with more than 89 million copies in print worldwide, including over 50 million copies in the United States alone. His books have been translated in over 50 languages and eight of his novels have been turned into movies, including “Message in a Bottle” in 1999, “A Walk to Remember” in 2002, “The Notebook” in 2004, “Nights in Rodanthe” in 2008, “Dear John” in 2010, “The Last Song” in 2010, “The Lucky One” in 2012 and “Safe Haven” in 2013. He still has two upcoming movie projects: “The Best of Me” premiering in October 2014 and “The Longest Ride” in February 2015. His popularity continues to rise day by day.
Summary of the story
“Safe Haven” tells the story about a mysterious young woman, named Katie. When she arrives in Southport, a small town in North Carolina, everyone in the village seems to have some thoughts about her and her past. But Katie is determined to have no relations with anyone. A series of unforeseeable events cause her to form 2 relationships, one with Alex, a widower with 2 young children who owns a shop and another one with her neighbour, Jo. Despite previous attempts to not have any ties with anyone, Katie starts to let down her guard. She slowly grows towards Alex and his family, but she also starts to become part of the community.
Even when her life starts to get a bit more normal, her past with all its dark secrets is still haunting her. She has taken a journey across the land, trying to escape it and when she arrives in Southport, she thinks she has found a safe place. Her friendship with Jo has helped her to accept that she soon...

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