"Secure It Systems For An Airline Company"

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IntroductionThe report is based on the assumption that the company is a budget airline which has online booking facilities and a call centre, these being the basic requirements for this type of organisation. There are various elements that can be seen as contributing to profitability and competitiveness in the e-business paradigm. For example, the company should inspire confidence from the supplier to the customer, be more easily available than would be possible in the physical world, and have the ability to protect data integrity in order to ensure future growth.There are various ways in which these objectives can be achieved. For instance using the e-business model removes ticket and travel agencies from the chain of supply, which enables the company to create a direct personal link with the customer. Selling directly to the customer in this way means that profitability can be increased: at the same time the price to the customer can be reduced, thereby increasing competitiveness in the market as a whole. Overheads are also reduced, thus increasing efficiency and providing a faster service response. However, this does not mean that the e-commerce model is automatically superior to any other, since it introduces additional overheads and concerns which must be addressed regarding security and customer confidence. Reduced prices and quicker response time will obviously be severely undermined if security issues mean that customers do not have confidence that their transactions will be safe, and this is an increasing concern as more and more businesses adopt the e-commerce model, with concomitant reports of security breaches in their technological systems.Customer confidence is the foundation of business survival and should therefore be seen as paramount. When looking at security issues in terms of coding for the system, as Simes (2003) points out, one must follow the principle of 'least privilege'. Different users have different requirements from the system: administrators require full access whereas those who are ordinary users do not. As Simes states, "the code should run as the least powerful user which is able to do the task required" (Simes, 2003, PG).Rose (2003) makes the point that one of the most important elements of an information security is system is the ability to back-up: if there is a fault in the system then the user must be able to get back to the original point as quickly as possible and restore the data which has been lost. The factors which need to be taken into account are assessing what data requires back-up, how often this should be done, what is the most efficient medium to use and whether or not data can be retrieved even if the back-up software has been lost. There are various solutions which might be implemented: for example, one could use CDs for back-up, or parallel servers which have different geographical locations, or managed servers over an internet connection.Rose also points out that anti-virus protection is...

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