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Safe Staffing In The Nursing Field

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Nurses and institutions continue to advocate for safe staffing ratios as it regenerates to be an ethical dilemma in healthcare. “Staffing is one of the hottest topics that our profession has had to deal with in a long time,” states Ruth May, England’s National Health Services (NHS) Regional Director of Nursing for the Midlands and East (Nursing Standard, 2013). Safe staffing ratio is an ethical dilemma with professional, sociological, economic, legal, and political implications in the nursing field.
Safe staffing ratio is important while the nurse is responsible for offering the best standard of attention to patient care. Ethically, “the nurse is responsible and accountable for individual ...view middle of the document...

By contrast, the nurse staffing costs in the study time period were only $1,360,000” (Congress, 2013).
Meanwhile, outsourcing is publicly perceived as a necessary expenditure in the nursing field rather than a consequential issue to safe staffing, “In general, it seems that despite the effectiveness of outsourcing the clinical services to achieve its primary objective (shortage of manpower in this case), this strategy do not make a high efficiency and finally the productivity is decreased” (F.M., 2013). Efficiency and safe staffing is a political obstacle in the United States healthcare system. The Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2013 imposes, “whistleblower protections against discrimination and retaliation involving patients or employees of the hospital for their grievances, complaints, or involvement in investigations relating to such plan” (Congress, 2013). Unsurprisingly, “Manpower shortages and some legal problems are the major causes of outsourcing” (F.M., 2013).
United States policy has the potential to adequately address issues of safe staffing, in alliance, “Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2013 – Amends title XVIII (Medicare) of the Social Security Act to require each Medicare participating hospital to implement a...

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