Safe Unconventional Petroleum Exploration In Tioga County, Pa.

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Unfortunately, the United States will have to make some difficult and serious decisions about the nation’s water and energy supplies, especially in regards to hydraulic fracturing (Comman 134). Currently, there are two pending hydraulic fracturing cases before the U.S. District Court for the Middle District Court of Pennsylvania involving strict liability. The outcome of these cases could affect the future of hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania, and could have implications for hydraulic fracturing across the United States. This study correlates to mine because it is about taking a cautious and careful look at the unconventional hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania. In order to survive and thrive we must use conservation for our natural resources and use them wisely. This was a closed study to the fact that it is about the current situation between Communities, Gas Companies, and Government.
Shale Gas Boom Proceeds amid Human Health Questions:
The quick resource boom that started in the early two-thousands that in a few short years exploded into the multi-billion dollar a year business. It is human nature to make money and make it fast. For some they believe too fast. They believe the gas companies are expanding to fast and drilling too much without caring about the consequences on the local ecosystem. From air pollution, to water pollution, to the health risks of drilling near residential areas, it's a hot debate where both sides are pulling out the big guns to try to top the other side. For residential drilling it is also neighbor versus neighbor when it come to who has the gas rights and who owns the land and who wants what. There are activist groups also demand for the need of a health study for the people in residential areas who are exposed contaminates that are from local well pads (Schmidt 1). Environmental threats from shale gas development aren't limited to air quality, water pollution is also a serious concern. Each Fracking event requires 2-4 million gallons of water. The EPA estimates 35,000 wells undergo Fracking annually in the United States, requiring the amount of water consumed in a year by some 5 million people (Schmidt 1). Robert Jackson, a professor of environmental sciences at Duke University, also says Fracking fluids likely won't penetrate upward from shale into groundwater. But he adds that natural gas components, particularly methane can leak through poorly constructed wells into an aquifer (Schmidt 1). Not only is location an important part of my research, but how well the wells are built in the area comes in to number two on the list. If a well is put in the perfect location, but is not built well, that defeats the purpose of that location ad could easily allow any contaminations in the surrounding ecosystem and watershed, which will eventually end up in someone's drinking glass. Location and durability are very important for this study.
FRACTURING Rocks to Unlock New Oil -
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