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Safe V.S Unsafe Sex Essay

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The 'sexual revolution' of the 1960's has been stopped dead in its tracks by the AIDS epidemic. The danger of contracting AIDS is so real now that it has massively affected the behavior of both gay and straight folks who formerly had elected to lead an active sexual life that included numerous new sexual contacts. The safest option regarding AIDS and sex is total abstinence from all sexual contact. For those who prefer to indulge in sexual contact, this is often far too great a sacrifice. But it IS an option to be considered.For those who wish to have sexual contact with folks on a relatively casual basis, there have been devised rules for 'safe sex'. These rules are very strict, and will be found quite objectionable by most of us who have previously enjoyed unrestricted sex. But to violate these rules is to risk unusually horrible death. Once one gets used to them the rule for 'safe sex' do allow for quite acceptable sexual enjoyment in most cases.Note that even when one is conscientiously following the recommendations for safe sex, accidents can happen. Condoms can break. One may have small cuts or tears in ones skin that one is unaware of. Thus, following rules for 'safe sex' does NOT guarantee that one will not get AIDS. It does, however, greatly reduce the chances. There are many examples of sexually active couples where one member has AIDS disease and the other remains seronegative even after many months of safe sex with the diseased person. It is particularly encouraging to note that, due to education programs among San Francisco gay males, the incidence of new cases of AIDS infection among that high risk group has dropped massively. Between practice of safe sex and a significant reduction in the number of casual sexual contacts, the spread of AIDS is being massively slowed in that group. Similar responsible action MUST be taken by straight folks to further slow the spread of AIDS, to give our researchers time to find the means to fight it.Despite a veritable blitz of AIDS information, experts claim that too few are changing their lifestyles or behavior sufficiently to protect themselves from AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. A recent Canadian poll revealed widespread ignorance of the fact that AIDS is primarily a sexually acquired infection, not caught by touch. The survey showed that although sexual intercourse has risen steeply in the past 10 years, less than 25 percent of adults aged 18 to 34 have altered their sexual behavior to protect themselves against AIDS, i.e. by consistent use of condoms and spermicide. THE CENTRAL MESSAGE IS CLEAR: UNLESS ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOUR SEX PARTNER IS HIV-FREE, USE A CONDOM (latex, not made of animal material) plus a reliable spermicide. Studies with infected hemophiliacs show that condom use by a regular sex reduces infection risks, compared to...

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