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Safe Work Procedure Essay

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[1: ]FAJAR INTERNATIONAL COLLEGEDIPLOMA IN OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTHNAME: FIONA ANAK ARANID: 1-11354F8SUBJECT: SAFE WORK PROCEDURLECTURER: MR. FESTUS[2: ]ContentIntroductionA company produces a range of solid and liquid wastes, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Identify and discuss the issues that should be addressed by the company when developing a system for the safe collection and deposal of the waste.Construction work is being undertaken on a multi-storey building. As part of these works, materials stored and used on-site include bricks, bags of cement, boxes, and large quantities of flammable substances.Identify the hazards that workers could be exposed to during the workOutline control measures for the safe stacking and storage of:Materials used on-siteFlammable substances used on-siteConclusionReference[3: ]IntroductionThe globalization world most companies are being very successful but then besides being successful they ignore regarding the environment and cause various pollution to human and environment.[4: ]A company produces a range of solid and liquid wastes, both hazardous and non-hazardous. Identify and discuss the issues that should be addressed by the company when developing a system for the safe collection and deposal of the waste.Waste management is the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials. The term usually relates to materials produced by human activity. Waste materials can be classified as solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive.Disposal of waste in a landfill involves burying the waste.. Landfills were often established in abandoned or unused quarries, mining voids or borrow pits. characteristics of a modern landfill include methods to contain leach ate such as clay or plastic lining material. Deposited waste is normally compacted to increase its density and stability, and covered to prevent attracting vermin (such as mice or rats). Many landfills also have landfill gas extraction systems installed to extract the landfill gas. Gas is pumped out of the landfill using perforated pipes and flared off or burnt in a gas engine to generate electricity.Waste-to-energyThe energy content of waste products can be harnessed directly by using them as a direct combustion fuel, or indirectly by processing them into another type of fuel. Thermal treatment ranges from using waste as a fuel source for cooking or heating and the use of the gas fuel Pyrolysis and gasification are two related forms of thermal treatment where waste materials are heated to high temperatures with limited oxygen availability. The process usually occurs in a sealed vessel under high pressure. Pyrolysis of solid waste converts the material into solid, liquid and gas products. The liquid and gas can be burnt to produce energy or refined into other chemical...

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