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Safeco Essay

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Ancient Roman culture looked at gladiators, exotic animals, and comedic contests as form of entertainment; much as people in society today have adopted baseball for amusement. To meet the demand for entertainment both the Colosseum and SAFECO Field were constructed as platforms for athletes and others to dazzle the gathered crowds. Both structures allowed large masses of people to conjugate in one area and behold the festivities that brought them to the edge of their seats. The technology advancements in both eras have created an environment for all to gather. To accommodate the masses both stadiums were constructed in an elliptical shape which created different levels enabling everyone to see the events taking place at an emphases area in the center. To support the weight of many people both buildings uses columns and arches as architectural tools as well patterns for design. The very same ideas of arches and columns that were demonstrated on the Colosseum, aided in the creation of the retractable roof seen on SAFECO Field. In fact, the roof of SAFECO Field is a large arched structure supported by massive steal columns (Howard, 2000). Today, being able to be ahead of our times is result from the classical age. Thus allowing us to proceed in the creation of new and different ideas. While both the Colosseum and Seattle's SAFECO Field were constructed for entertainment purposes and were considered marvels for their era, by analyzing their structure, means of construction, and size it becomes apparent the differences in the two stadiums.During the reign of the Roman Empire, the Colosseum was looked upon as a magnificent structure that baffled the mind and inspired the imagination. People would journey from cities far from the roman capitol just to marvel at the size and technology the Colosseum displayed. The wooden floor where all the performances took place; possessed many gates and doors that retracted to reveal the hind chambers beneath. The complexity and intricate designs were far beyond the norm for the era. All these attributes lead to the Colosseum gaining its legendary status. While technology has undoubtedly evolved from the era of the Roman Empire to now, Seattle's SAFECO Field possesses much of the same status in our society as the Colosseum did in its time. Everything from the 655 foot retractable roof to the jumbo screen which uses the roof's steel beams for support, dazzles any baseball fan. Fans come from all over to view this amazing piece of artwork as they did the Roman Colosseum. Though the route to get to your seat may have been different it is easy to see how the seating was alike. The Colosseum had covered balconies accompanied by servants much like the luxury boxes of SAFECO Field. Women and poorer individuals stood or sat on wooden bleachers on the fourth level of the Colosseum. In order for them to get to their seats they had to climb steep, sloping ramps. Nowadays seats are more comfortable and come with arm rests. In...

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