Safeguarding And Protection Of Vulnerable Adults (P1) Level 5 Essay

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Unit 514 Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults
1. Analyse the difference between the concept of safeguarding and the concept of protection in relation to vulnerable adults.
 A vulnerable adult is defined as an individual aged 18 or over who depends on others for assistance with respect to the basic functions or who has a severe impairment in the ability to communicate and therefore a reduced ability to protect themselves from assault, abuse, or neglect. The Department of Health’s definition of a vulnerable adult refers to a person who: may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness, and who is or may be unable to care of himself or unable to protect him or herself, against significant harm or exploitation. The definition seems to identify groups of people such as the elderly as being vulnerable we may find this as unacceptable. It is after all the situation in which a person finds themselves in that makes them vulnerable not the actual individual.
Safeguard is the way to promote health and social care of vulnerable adults in society or care home. Protection is part of safeguard by which nurses and doctors of home care ensures about taking effective care of these types of people such as children ,drug addicted and old age people who are suffering from mental disease .Owing to this ,home care uses several policies and procedure such as awareness training ,community link as well as legislation and regulation. On the other hand the concept of protection states about policies of government for safeguarding right of human being thereby they can be protected from abuse or harm. It assist individual to understand about their right to manage risk in complicated situation so as to provide them safe effective care. Both concepts are almost similar and safeguard is outcome of protection(Choi,2000).
Perceptions of what abuse is have changed as human rights have become more entrenched in our society. Adult protection has been overshadowed by child protection and as such has received less attention by government.
2. Evaluate the impact of policy developments on approaches to safeguarding vulnerable adults in own service setting
 Policy development is imperative for approaches to safeguard vulnerable adults so it has direct impact on situation of these types of people who are not able to take their care. It affects their mental stage and creates sense of fear or freedom among them. Development of effective policy has impact on overall home care thereby nurses and doctors take best care of vulnerable adults (Ellaway and 2012). These policies assist to recover such vulnerable people as soon as possible and also make them feel comfortable and valued. With the help of communicate in their right by providing them awareness training home care generates positive attitude among them. It is an appropriate way to protect their right and give them respect in an appropriate way so that they can live with...

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