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Safety Concerns For People With Diabetes

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Safety Concerns for a diabetic
There are some safety concerns for a diabetic. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) & Diabetes Education Team (2014), here are the advices. First, finger-stick devices and injection equipment should never be used for more than one person. Moreover, blood glucose meters should be cleaned and disinfected after every use if it is shared with others. Furthermore, the glucose monitor should be regulated periodically according to the term of use. Also people should check the strips are expired or not as well as to confirm the operating sequence is correct. Lastly, before having the blood collection, people should sterilize our hands with alcohol and make sure the amount of blood is sufficient for measurement

Pros and cons of the solution - glucose monitor
Nowadays these two are the most common use for testing the blood glucose level. They are the Traditional Glucose Monitor (TGM) and the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). According to Editor (2013), here is the comparison with these two monitors. There are some pros of the TGM. First, the TGM are affordable for the people as it is not cost much. Second, they are much more accurate that CGM. Third, they are easy to use compare with CGM. In contrast, there also are some pros of CGM. First, it can show the constant information of the blood-glucose levels. Second, as it is constantly checking with the blood-glucose level, it can let people react quickly to potential threats. Third, it only needs to change the sensor once a week. Fourth, the CGM is less invasive compare with the TGM. Lastly, it is no need to remember to test as the CGM is always checking by itself.

However, there are some cons of the TGM and CGM. Here are some cons of the TGM. First, they are invasive as you need to draw blood every time when you want to test yourself. Second, it is hard to build up a larger picture as the information it can provided are not as much as the CGM. Third, unlike with the CGM, the TGM need the people to remember to test. Lastly, the TGM need to replace the lancet and test strip every time after the testing. At the same time, there are some cons of the CGM. First, the CGM is expensive compare with the TGM and it makes not everyone can afford that. Second, the accuracy of the CGM is not as good as TGM and even needs to be checked with a TGM to correct it.

So is the TGM or the CGM better?
In fact, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2013), the glucose monitor is generally reliable but it...

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