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Security In The Cloud Essay

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Rahul Shah
Paper #1
Digital Hardware Basics
Security in the cloud

Hackers have gotten there way into every technological gadget out there. Something simple as browsing the web can give hackers information about the people’s data. Before Cloud computing, hackers were stealing data from the physical hard drive by implementing a virus that would open a back door and send the data straight to the hacker’s server. As security measure Enterprises, small businesses and the normal consumers have started to store data on the cloud. However, what the user or business fails to understand is that the information on the cloud is just as vulnerable to be hacked as the physical information stored on the hard drive. As technology emerges, the cloud is uprising and users are resorting to it to store information, which needs to be properly implanted to prevent information from being stolen or lost.
The most important question is what is cloud computing, and why is it important for storing and securing data. According to an article in pc mag “cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive” (Griffith 2013). For the data to be considered cloud the data must stored online and be synchronized with devices. For example , just take a look at what the Iphone does and how it correlates when it sync’s with I cloud . When that data such as pictures, music, and contacts is backed up it store the data not just on the local storage but also on the Cloud server so numerous apple products can access it. An misconception about the cloud is that it is storing data on something like office network ,which is clearly not the case because an office network has a server physical server that is accessed and the cloud is clearly an internet based storage that is synched with other devices.
Even though the cloud is Internet based storage for consumers, it is completely different in terms of businesses. Business profit money by storing there data on to the cloud and making the consumer pay for that data to be accessed. An good illustration of this would be Netflixs; they provide a wide range of movies that can be streamed on any device that the user may have at any given time over the internet. As everyone knows that the Netflixs employee’s are not doing this as an “ pro bono case”; they are simply storing movies on the cloud so that they can make a profit of some sort from the consumer. Another example that might come to mind might be the application Drop box and how users are lured to purchase space for storing there data on the company server. Drop box offers an cloud based server that gives people an option to store an extensive amount of data on there server and retreat at any given time through any device that can be connected to the internet.
Another important factor to consider when discussing cloud computing is understanding its advantages and disadvantages. One...

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