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Safety Management Accidents An Accident Can Be Defined As "Any Unplaneed, Uncontrolled, Unwanted, Or Undesirable Event, Or Sudden Mishap That Interrupts An Activity Or Function."

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Safety Management - ACCIDENTSAn accident can be defined as "any unplaneed, uncontrolled, unwanted, or undesirable event, or sudden mishap that interrupts an activity or function." Every year, fatalities occur and many more injuries occurred as a direct result of accidents at work. Accidents at workplace do not happen by chance. It is usually a case of negligence on the part of employees or the part of management in not taking taking proactive measures to prevent accidents. The outcomes of accidents are injuries to employees or damage to equipment. Whatever the outcome, there are bound to be negative effects in the form of injuries, damages and the emotional or psychological stress suffered by employees attributed to such happenings. Clearly, there are humanitarian, legal and economic grounds for providing a safe and system at work.Causes and Effects of AccidentsEffectsThe effects of accidents are all too obvius for all to see. They can be classified under the following:Injury - including disability, pain and sufferingsDamage - to equipment, facilities, markets, etcLoss - of lives, earnings, output, time, profits, image, etcEmotion - following an injury, pain or death etcAn interesting concept is the Heinrich's Pyramid of potential for accidents (derived from data on serious and monitor accidents reported).Serious injuries 1Minor injuries 30Near misses 300Potential ????accidentsCausesAccidents don't happen by chance, they're caused. We ought to take this statement seriously if we are to prevent accidents from happening. What is important is a clear definition of an accident cause. An accident cause is an uncontrolled hazard, without which there could be no accident. Accident causes can be classified under the following:Plant - such as electrical hazards, facilities etcEquipment - defective guards, incorrect equipmentEnvironment - high noise levels, poor lightingPeople - carelessness, fatique, lack of trainingSystems - nad housekeeping, improper proceduresResponsibility and Organization for SafetyAccidents can be prevented if both management and employees play their respective roles accordingly. There must be a clear definition of responsibility within the organization. It is generally accepted that the prime responsibility within the organization. It is generally accepted that the prime responsibility for safety rests with line management.A, Senior executives - direct responsibility for the general management of safety and health matters. It should be treated like a managerial function and not add-on activity. There mist be a clear line of responsibility and command running up to an accountable individual at the top of the organization.B, First Line Managers - the Supervisor is "on the spot" and in a position to know whether or not safety arrangements are working in practice; and his/her influence can be dramatic. The promotion of health and safety at work is first and foremost a matter of management.C, Employees - real progress in safety cannot...

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