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Safety Procedures Essay

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When it comes to being safe, everyone has rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities can differ depending on the situation and where you are at. Many people do not think about safety before doing something dangerous. However, it is crucial that individuals put safety before anything else in order to avoid injuries.
The safety procedures that I currently follow while driving include following the traffic rules, driving within the legal speed limit, wearing my seat belt, and driving defensively. The two things I never do while driving is text or drink and drive. If everyone followed these rules, there would be fewer accidents. I have never gotten into a car accident, and it ...view middle of the document...

I also never give out my personal information over the phone or internet; which is another form of protection. At school, the safety procedures I follow include paying attention during a tornado or fire drill, reporting unsafe incidents when seen, and never breaking the rules that are given to us as students.
The most important safety procedure I need to work on while driving includes staying focused on the road. I sometimes get distracted by the radio, and begin to pay more attention to my music than I do to the road. I also go through the drive through of restaurants while traveling long distances, and then am more focused on eating than I am on my driving. In order to improve this issue, I am going to take the extra time to eat inside of the restaurant so my mind is not on two things at once. I have also spent money on CD’s so I can now just put one in, and listen to that during the entire trip. By listening to one CD at a time, I do not have to worry about constantly changing the radio station.
The safety procedures I need to work on while on the job consist of avoiding long periods of work without a break. I oftentimes will work 8-9 hours on end without taking a break because I want to get my job done to go home earlier. However, I am trying to not overwork myself so I am beginning to take breaks after working about 5 hour long shifts. When I play sports...

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