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Pine Crest Development Construction Safety Policy

I. Policy
PCD is committed to safety on the jobsite and that accident prevention is a prime concern of all employees. PCD believes that no job or task is more important than employee health and safety. The PCD safety program will strive to maintain a safe and injury/illness free workplace for all our employees, sub-contractors and customers.

It is the policy of Pine Crest Development (PCD) to provide a safe, healthy and fair workplace were all rules will be enforced objectivity and with consistency for all employees regardless of their position.

II. Applicability
The construction Safety Policy applies to all employees of PCD regardless of ...view middle of the document...

Additional training will be required for employees based on job-specific safety challenges including:

o Forklift and equipment operation
o Lockout of equipment for service and/or maintenance
o Ladder and Scaffold use
o Fall protection
o Confined space procedures
o Respiratory protection

C. Employee participation in improving safety through safety committees:

Safety committees will be established for the different disciplines of the construction project, employees from each of these areas will be asked to participate in the safety committees. Committees will meet once a bi-weekly at a pre-determined day and time.

The PCD safety coordinator will be a member of each safety committee established, based on meeting results, report to, and make recommendations to PCD management. Additional management will attend committee meetings based on committee agenda or needs.

D. Weekly Tool Box safety meetings:

Safety Coordinator will schedule a weekly safety meeting in which all employees are required to attend. The meetings will be used for both management and employees to discuss, in an open forum, safety items and/or concerns such as;

o Encourage employee participation, employee suggestions and discussion
o To discuss unsafe conditions, acts or practices that have been observed on the jobsite
o Review recent injuries and/or incidents; discuss what happened, why and what should be done to help prevent future incidents
o Review any new and/or modified safety and emergency procedures

E. Various incentive awards for exemplary safety performance:

IV. Employee Discipline
PCD will not tolerate unsafe acts and/or unsafe conditions created by an employee. Employees violating safety rules will be disciplined where disciplinary action may vary between written reprimand, suspension and/or termination. The jobsite superintendent and/or safety coordinator will determine the disciplinary actions based on the violation.

Major violations:

First violation: Written warning with copy placed in employee file
Second violation: Written warning, suspension for 1 to 3 days without pay
Third violation: Immediate termination, written report placed in employee file

Minor Violations:

First violation: Oral warning, notation placed in employee file
Second violation: Written warning, copy placed in employee file
Third violation: Written warning, suspension for 1 to 3 days without pay
Fourth violation: Suspension for 1 week without pay or termination if warranted,

XX Accident
Jobsite superintendent and/or supervisor will make a documented report of every incident, even those without injury. Reports are to be completed as soon as possible to avoid changes in physical conditions and witness reports.

Note: Any accident that causes a fatality or results in an employee to be hospitalized must be reported to OSHA within eight hours of the incident.

Accident reports highlight problem areas. ...

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