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Saftey When Horseback Riding Essay

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Accidents involving livestock and pleasure animals have resulted in the injury and death of farmers, family, employees and guests on Michigan farms. Of the injuries and deaths reported by newspapers, individuals being gored, tramples, or even mauled to death by a bull or cow are the most prevalent; however, a review of the past four years of Michigan agricultural related deaths due to animals shows that one-half of the accidents involved horses.While determining an accurate count on the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by animals is not possible due to reporting inconsistencies, work is underway to determine the injury and death rate as it relates to accidents on Michigan farms so recommendations can be made to reduce theses accidents.A recent survey of more than 400 Michigan farmers showed that those reporting an on-farm, work-related injuries in the past year, 27 percent of the injuries were attributed to animal handling. From 1988 to 1991, six deaths were reported on Michigan farms as a result of animal mishaps, three of these deaths involved horses.Death reports show that the rider fell from the horse, or was dragged or stepped on by the animal. Again, am accurate frequency and severity of these accidents is unknown due to the lack of reporting of all animal related injuries. Accounts of horse rider injuries and deaths are very low as compared to other types of farm injuries.Nationally, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, using hospital emergency room data, reported that in 1988 there were 8,000 head injuries resulting from horseback riding activities in the USA. Of those injured, 27 percent required hospitalization.While there are numerous variables that a rider may encounter while horse riding, a rider can reduce his risks by taking safety precautions. Some precautions include:*Wear a helmet- A helmet approved for a horse-back riding reduces the risk for a closed-head injury if the rider falls or its thrown from a horse. Always secure the chin strap.*Check equipment- Make sure that the saddle, bridle, and cinches are in good condition before mounting a horse. Repair or replace any worn or defective equipment.*Approach the horse from the side- A horse has eyes located on the sides of its head, giving the animal wide-angle vision.*Talk, don't yell to your horse- Horses will react more predictably when they are calm and feel secure.*Properly saddle the horse- Check that the...

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