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Saint Brendan Essay

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I have this crazy theory, and it turns out I’m not the only one who has this theory. My theory is the Saint Brendan came to North America first, not Leif Erickson, the Chinese, or even Columbus. My main proof is his book Brendan wrote about his adventure over sea, most people think nothing more of the book as tall tales; but some others believe there is some truth within the pages. They think people just added to the original manuscript to make the story a bit more interesting. A couple of these added plot events to spice up the story include, seeing sea monsters fight in the ocean, the group seeing a gryphon fight a bird, a whale which is so big the group mistakes it for an island, and that ...view middle of the document...

Historians date the book to be a little over 900 years old, and there are about 100 various copies of this book in Europe. The discovery of the geological location of the ¨Saint Brendan Islands¨ or the Fortunate Islands which he later calls them are important to my debate. Many different sea-charts that date back to the time Saint Brendan would have been alive shows that the island can be anywhere from Southern Ireland, to Canary Islands, Faroes or Azores, and even the island of Madeira. The thought of the very island's existence was almost scrapped, but at last there was a new theory that came about that is a bit farfetched but can be backed up is that Saint Brendan found America before anyone else, and I can prove it to.

So, picture this a monk, a saint, an older man with 13 followers with one simple objective, to find ¨paradise¨. Saint Brendan with his crew set sail in the sixth century the actual date is debatable. Brendan recorded that it took him about seven years before he found what he was looking for after exploring through many other various lands he found his paradise. He writes in his journal that the island was so large that him and his crew could not find the far shore after around 40 days of walking. The Southern Ireland, Canary Islands, Faroes, Azores, and the Island of Madeira are not big enough to walk around for 40 days and not find far shore. This leaves us with a vague idea, just an idea that they would have had to be on a big peice of land; maybe North America one could say. He also recorded that the land had a stretch of water that was too wide to be crossed over. He also states that the land is a very dense with forests, which beared fruit. His crew then found themselves some precious items like gems and went home to tell their families. Then two centuries later the journal was took and formatted into a story and written in Latin, and became a very successful book for its time. There are many faults to this theory though that Leif Ericson nor Columbus do not have, and that is a lack of physical evidence. It was hard to find evidence that the Irish were here in North America. The Irish also didn’t start a colony in North America unlike Leif Ericson and Columbus did, because there duration of their stay was short lived and Brendan was dying and they wanted him to go home so his family could see him before he passed. There is some compelling evidence that the Irish did came to North America though. Berry Fell found petroglyphs which are carvings in rocks in 1983 in three different locations. He found the petroglyphs in West Virginia, Wyoming and Boone counties. The petroglyphs look authentic to Irish petroglyphs and date back to the sixth century which is the time believed the Irish came. He stated that the petroglplys were in Orgam script, orgam script os a type of Alphabet only the Irish used. Fell decoded the alphabet and realized it was talking about a Christian Nativity. The only Christan Navilty who would write in...

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