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The Elements behind Saint David’s day
Many people genuinely do not want to be saints, and it is probable that some who achieve or aspire to sainthood have never felt much temptation to be human beings – George Orwell

Saints are individuals or beings who have been recognized as having a high degree of holiness. According to the Oxford dictionary, a saint is a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and regarded in Christian faith as being in heaven after death. The United Kingdom, has saints who are classified as national saints.
The National Saints are as follows:
Scotland – St. Andrew
Wales- St. David
Ireland- St. Patrick
England- St. George
The Patron Saint of Wales, is Saint David. There is very little known for certain about Saint David who is known as Dewi Sant in Wales’ language of Welsh because most of what is known about him was written by a man by the name Rhigyfarch. Rhigyfarch was the Bishop of Saint David after taking over from his father. Rhigyfarch wrote on the Life of Saint David in Latin sometime in the 11th Century. This writing was later translated into Welsh. Saint David was a sixth century personality who was supposedly born in the year 542AD and passed away in the year 589AD. Saint David was born Dewi and was the Grandson of the King of Ceredigion. Ceredigion was a Kingdom in the area now known as mid-west Wales. The present area occupied known as Ceredigion is in the same area as the present Ceredigion and once known as Cardiganshire. St. Dewi’s father is addressed Sant and his mother’s name was Non. His mother Non is also recognized as a Saint albeit unofficially and goes by the names Nonnita and Nonna. Saint Non is believed to be of noble descent from Dyfed a region close to Cardiganshire which is close to the area now known as Pembrokeshire. There is a well shrine for St. Non in the saint David’s cathedral Pembrokeshire as well as chapel ‘Chapel of St Non’ which are close to each other. These erections were made in order to recognize St Non not just because she was the mother of Saint David but also because she was seen to represent the character of holiness and purity. It is believed that Saint Non spent a lot of her life celibate. She is thought to have started a convent which is where she resided.

L- The ruins of St Non’s Chapel (Capel Non) R- St Non’s well

There is less known about the life of St. David’s father in comparison to his mother. In many places, he is listed as Sant which is welsh for saint but many believe that this is not his real name. They argue that it is used in that context because it represents the holiness befitting of the father of the Patron saint of Wales. Most sources agree however, that he was a noble. His father Sant was the son of the King of Ceredigion, King Ceredig.
St. David was born in the 6th century and was a blue blood. His parents were nobles. He is believed to have passed away on the 1st of March which is now celebrated as St David’s day. There is some...

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