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Saint Thomas More Essay

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Thomas More was born on February 7th, 1478 in London. As an infant he was taken to the precincts of the church. There the priest instantly exorcised him and quickly baptized him ‘to obtain eternal grace by spiritual regeneration’ (Ackroyd).
As a child Thomas served the archbishop by running errands, and to carry messages. He went to school at Oxford and studied public affairs. He was very determined to become a monk and disciplined himself to live and become a monk. Thomas as a young man would also write comedies and spent most of his time in Greek and Latin literature. Besides mastering all of that he also mastered French, history, and mathematics. In about 1494 he went back to London and went to school at New Inn and there he became a law student.
Thomas More devoted all his poetry, comedies, and literary works to Pico Della Mirandola. His first book “Adagiorum Collectanea” which is the last and ninth volume of proverbs was published in about February 1500 by, Erasmus (Ackroyd). It was announced the first selection of classical adages and proverbs ever printed.
published.” It was published in 1516 and written in Latin. Its about a perfect society of religion and day to day customs. (
Everything at this time then points in the direction of the monastery. While this entire time he applied everything he had to piety. All of this was to priesthoods in vigil. Through this he proved himself to be prudent. He really couldn’t be a priest or a monk though because he wanted to be a husband instead of being a priest or a monk. All of this was tearing him apart because ever since he was little he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps but wanted a civil life and marry. Therefore he entered parliament in 1504 and married for the first time in 1505 to Jane Colt. The first act of Thomas in parliament was the urge to decrease the urge of appropriation of King Henry VII. King Henry wanted revenge so he imprisoned his father and didn’t release him till a fine was paid. Since this happened Thomas withdrew himself from everything he was doing until the king died and then he was once again active. Since he was active again in 1510 Thomas was
announced one of the two undersheriffs of London. He then gained the reputation as being impartial and the patron of the poor. Then in 1511 his first wife tragically died while giving birth to their first child. He then married again to his second wife to Dame Alice.
“King Henry VIII became king around 1509 and was really good friends with Thomas” (
More By this time King Henry VIII was on the throne and Thomas got his attention. He served him frequently on diplomatic missions to poor countries and then in 1518 Thomas was a member of the Privy Council. By this time he was knighted in 1521 and made sub-treasurer to the king, and then...

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