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Saks Fifth Avenue And Sprout Kids Departement Store Vs. Boutique Infant Clothing.

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History1820's - Big development in children's apparel, children were dressed like miniature adults1865 - William Carter Company was found1906 -The Boy Scout movement was founded in England. The short pants uniform adopted had a powerful influence in replacing knee-pants and long stocking with short pants and knee-socks. The English Scout uniform was adopted around the world, except in America where boys mostly wore knickers.1917-1918 - Better children clothes were introduced; Standardized children sizing by size and age1914-18: World War I accelerated many fashion trends already in progress. Knee-pants disappeared only a few years after the War as did Eton collars. Boys no longer were commonly outfitted in dresses after the War. Fauntleroy suits and other fancy styles became less common. Boys after the War wore increasingly simple, practical clothes. Short pants became particularly common, especially in Europe.1939-45: World War II seems to have had great impacts on boy's clothing, as being the beginning of the end of "traditional" styles. After the War boys were no longer just boys, but small men and the styles reflect this. Uniforms began to fade. After the end of the war, short trousers began to fade, "T"shirts, jeans, and long trousers took control, as well as the increase in more casual styles. The transition was at first most observable in America, but by the 1950s was evident in Europe as well.1962: The American public closely follows the hair styles and clothing of a young John F. Kennedy Jr. The bangs and shortfalls worn by the toddler become very popular for younger boys.1965-73: The Viet Nam War and the youth movement of the 1960s had an enormous impact on boys' fashions. It spawned a rebellion of the young against all things related to the establishment, including the last vestiges of formal clothing. Especially in America, with the Cultural Revolution, media everywhere, music and television taking its hold over the young, not to mention the Vietnam War. With the Women's Liberation movement, families suffered, and any vestiges of tradition were buried with the nuclear family of the 50's. Mother's often bore the responsibility for tradition than the fathers, who took less time with their children due to the wars that drew them away1968: The Paris Student riots were a turning point for French and European youth as well. After 1968, young Europeans increasingly exert their views on culture and fashion, demanding the casual styles that American boys have been wearing for two decades.Infant's apparel is the fastest growing segment in the industry. The baby goods industry consists of two segments: apparel and equipment such as car seats, strollers, toys and kid's bedding. Apparel consists 90% of the market where infant clothing makes up 30% of the infant's apparel industry. The infant market industry is rapidly growing and retail sales were near $15 billion dollars in 2002 versus $10.6 billion dollars in 2001, a $4.4 billion dollar...

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