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Salary Debate Of Professional Football Players

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Salary Debate of Professional Football Players

Are football professionals overpaid? This is the question people seem
to be asking their selves quite often. You see articles about this in
the Papers, and hear about it on the news and radios very often.
Headlines take over the sports page, when footballers are offered new
contracts and new deals. 'David Beckham wants a new £80,000 a week

David Beckham who already is a millionaire, wanted even more money to
add to his bank account. David and his wife Victoria, who is a
soloist. are earning money big time from their reputation. Both are
professionals in different ways, and earn large sums of money. They
earn money from their jobs, and extra from TV and magazine
advertising. Some people wonder why they need more money and believe
it is becoming out of hand.

There are people who believe that this is good for professionals to
get paid in these large amounts. They think it will encourage younger
potential kids to keep on football, and maybe in the future they will
be in the same situation.

Not all professional footballers believe that they should be getting
paid large amounts, to do something that they enjoy. Some players have
the attitude that the money is not what makes a player, but the player
is what makes the money. These players who endure this attitude are
the ones who do well in their careers/

On the other hand there are those people who believe that footballers
are being overpaid. They think it is ridiculous to give these
professionals large sums of money for what they are doing. At the end
of the day it is only a sport, and sport never started off with money
, so why should it involve money now.

As the world moves on and on, money in everything seems to be
increasing. Football is a great example of this, and I have noticed
this trend over the years. Every few years the prices of players, and
the money they are earning seems to increase quite rapidly. The
question is when will it stop.

I have my own opinion on this view. I believe that their are some
players in the football world who are well overpaid. But I also think
that if you want to be the best you are going to have to pay high
prices for quality players.

The value of players has increased dramatically over the past 10
years. 10 years ago good players would only be valued between £1-£5
million, now they are mostly valued from £10-£50 million. A line has
to be drawn sometime are soon all are money will be invested in the
football world.

I have noticed that there are players leaving their clubs for the
reason that the club...

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