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Salem's Lot Essay

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In Stephen King Salem's lot, he brings a brilliantly written storm of force, King brings to life the creatures that have prowled the town of Jerusalem's lot for centuries throughout the local rumors. The book, Salem's Lot takes you through its twisted plot, with vivid characters, and the crazy turns it takes. Steven King has the power to make something so unrealistic very real, he is seen as a gothic literary writer because he expresses the key characteristics of gothic literature throughout most of his stories. King has the ability to bring the key characteristics of gothic literature into the story by adding the ideas of a legend, using a small town feel to add dramatics, and using supernatural beings.
Stephen King used the ideas of gothic literature by adding a small town as the main setting; the small town of Jerusalem's Lot. This helps place a huge emphasis on the idea that a small town isn't always as safe as it should be. No matter how well someone thinks they know someone in the town, there is always the possibility of them being wrong. The small town setting allowed Stephen King to add more of a history to the town, making it come alive with the small town gossip, "They fell silent, both thinking of the Marsten House. This particular reminiscence did not have the pastel nostalgia of the others. The scandal and violence connected with the house had occurred before their births, but small towns have long memories and pass their horrors down ceremonially from generation to generation(pg.99)". The small town idea shows the essence of gothic literature because it sheds light on the fact that not everyone knows what is really going on right under there noses, like the situation that happened with Hubart Masten and his wife, no one could have known that he was going to end up killing his wife and himself. The small town feel added as a place for more of a natural fear to grow in the minds of the reader, and throughout the characters themselves
More often then not gothic literature involves the concept of an ancient prophecy. In...

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