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Sales management Project ReportIn a modern world, the sales management became one of the essential elements for company's business successes and marketing strategies development. Most of TOP managers and human resources departments all over the world spend lot of time to seek a right person to lead the company to the financial welfare. At the same time the sales manager position has grown to be one of the most popular and preferred requirement in the industry. This profession is very versatile and challenging. The core activities of a sales manager include planning and controlling of sales people actions, complete or partial recruiting process, training, supervising and staff motivating apart from demonstrating other variety of roles like, "account manager, problem solver, channel manager, business manager, team leader" (Hair, Anderson, Mehta, & Babin, 2009). For every organization sales manager is a key instrument who helps to build relations with company's customers. This essay aims to investigate and describe how sales managers successfully perform their job. The project report in successive steps presents fundamental issues related to sales manager's job in large multi-national organization. An itinerary, which leads to complete understanding of sales manager job specific character, begins with under-study-company performance introduction, identification of its positioning on a world arena, business distinctive features. Then exploration proceeds with customers and target audience identities, presentation of desired part of organizational structure, portray of existing sales managers and their place in the operations division. The fundamental part of the project, regarding what exactly sales managers are doing to manage job, is presented in way by following the main activities of sales force and on the other hand introduces several issues as: corporate Key Performance Indicators, the Key Successes Activities, also setting, follow-up and controlling sale targets and the way how they are connected to marketing and company's objectives, influence of customers and market, designing of sales territories, hiring and recruiting employees and finally social, legal and ethical issues that are involved in their job.In order to prepare a project report about how sales managers manage their job, I have chosen an industry that I am really interested in. Wholesale self-service trade centers segment is not usual format of retail trade. What does term "Cash and Carry" mean? Whether we talk about hypermarkets? No, the supermarket - this is a retail store, which sells goods to the end consumer. "Cash and Carry" - this is wholesale format and buyers of those stores are professional customers, which purchase goods for professional use. Often to enter and make a purchase in the wholesale store, customer should have a customer card. For example, such prerequisites to become a customer could be: customer has to be registered in the local chamber of commerce and...

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