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Riordan Sales and Marketing, in the past have used paper and pencil to track information on customer data, shipping, and company inventory. In the last couple of years the sales and marketing group upgraded to an electronic database that including the following databases.

Shipping data for with dates on payment, delivery, and order.

Inventory on company plastic products such as bottles, fans, heart values, and medical stents that is able to be tracked by units and dollar volume.

Current pricing on products with the availability to offer discounts on valued customers and sells prices on past purchases.

The company would like to keep track on marketing past results electronically instead of the current use of filing cabinets. In efforts of doing so will require manual labor of scanning old documents in the database. Once the information can be scanned into the database the company's marketing management will be able to offer design awards to individuals who perform outstanding. The company has created a two year plan that includes reaching $50 million revenue. Executive team members have set aside a budget with the expectations of increased sales to existing customers with the use of sale promotions, price discounts, and customer support groups. Achieve new customers will receive public relations activities, attending trade shows with the deployment of company brands. The marketing budget includes the following communications and marketing researching.

Sales force promotions

Discounts for valued accounts

Customer relations

Product and Brand development

Company espouser at tradeshows and events

Part of the strategic plans is to increase the sales to existing customers by 60% in order to reach the company goal of $50 million mark by 2007. To accomplish this sales team will have to understand the customer's needs and anticipate future needs of the customers. Maintain an accurate inventory for the sales and marketing team by maintaining records of the units by shift and tagged for roll up to other groups.

Information Technology:

The Riordan Manufacturing Company has four different locations that require communications between each one in order for the sales and marketing teams to be able to track inventory and products. The locations at Albany, GA, Pontiac, MI, and Hangzhou, China are manufacturing plants that require a constant connect to the headquarters location in San Jose, CA. where the information from each plant can be processed, retrieved, and stored for all other...

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