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John Smith's Probation SummaryAs the supervisor of BPG Consulting, it is my responsibility to conduct and assess an accurate performance evaluation on the employee John smith during his three-month probationary period. This document explains the methods and procedures that were used while evaluating our employee, as both are very essential in determining if John Smith should continue working here at BPG Consulting. The first things that will be discussed in this document are two situations that our employee's behaviour was misinterpreted in a negative way. Secondly this document will review the few cases where there was a judgment error made about our employee. And lastly it will describe the how the self-serving bias will positively and negatively impact John Smith's behaviour after the interview. I will also add in a list of recommendations for John Smith that must be followed if you wish to further his employment after viewing this document."The theory of attribution analyzes how we explain people's behaviours. Frits Heider (1958), widely regarded as attribution theory's originator, concluded that people tend to attribute someone's behaviour either to internal causes or external causes."(Myers, D. and Smith, D. 2012, p. 63)There were two situations where our employee's behaviour was misinterpreted in a negative way during the course of the last three months. The first situation happened during the first week of John Smiths employment. John missed a full workday, however he had phoned in with a reasoning that his vehicle broke down. I was not impressed with John considering it was his first week of work here at BPG Consulting. This first impression impacted my view on him however, John quickly proved me wrong. He...

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1117 words - 5 pages .” I don’t need any house alarms.” “The safety of your home, your things….” At this point, I noticed his pitch didn’t cover kids, makes me wondered how he knew this was the home of an elderly woman. “I have no fear of burglars; I spoke loudly over his sales pitch.” My voice crackled. I “have old Bessie and a rocking chair with a good view of the driveway. I doubt anyone would come sneaking around my house.” CLICK! This could be hilarious except

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927 words - 4 pages admirable and is able to parlay those traits into a sales pitch that persuades the entire department to follow it. These examples also highlight a number of degrees of dependency within the corporation. When one person maintains sole possession over something that others require, the controlling individual holds power over the others, and the others have a dependency on the person (Robbins, & Judge, 2007, p. 474). In the marketing department

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1020 words - 5 pages pitch. Draw them in and keep the consumers curious in what they see and at same create sales. If that company fails to initially capture the consumers curiosity, the consumer will not see them on his or her radar and they will also think of that company as second rate producer. However, it’s the store's responsibility to sell products using integrated products to their display. To catch the consumer’s attention, retailers design or arrange the

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847 words - 4 pages that made it easier for the customer to make up his mind about my product. As far as weaknesses are concerned, I feel like I definitely could have relaxed more and slowed down on my talking. My nerves got the best of me during some parts of the presentation, which could have made me appear to be unprepared when I was actually fully prepared to present my sales pitch.

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