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Life Of A Sales Representative Essay

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Life of a Salesman

People tend to shy away from a sales career due to the fact they lack self-confidence or they don’t want to be the stereotype of being pushy or dishonest. A career as a successful sales representative requires a positive attitude and the ability to be creatively persistent to sell a product without forcing it on the customer. According to Alliance (2013), “sales representative jobs have the potential to be dynamic, exciting and very lucrative” considering you meeting new people every day but at times very stressful. The reason it is so stressful is due to the fact that it requires you to work long hours without the potential of receiving commission and that you deal with rude and unsatisfied customers routinely. Every salesperson has their own way of pitching their products to you with some being pleasant while others very unpleasant and awkward.
Each salesperson approaches selling products their own way from prior experiences. But some salespeople are more respectable and friendly than others. According to Online Business Advisor (2014), “poor salespeople have a short-term mentality looking for quick cash, lack organization or have poor management skills.” The poor salespeople also tend to let stress build and take the best of them resulting in poor customer experience. This poor customer experience is what created the stigma of salespeople being dishonest or pushy. While a good salesperson will always have a positive attitude and handle stress to provide a pleasant experience for the customer.

Friendly sales experience
The most respectable salesperson I ever dealt with was a very friendly person who genuinely wanted to help me. I was shopping around Best Buy looking to buy a new laptop for traveling purposes and wasn’t sure if I was going to buy it online or at Best Buy. The sales representative saw me reading all the signs that describe the product and came over and asked if I needed help. I replied saying I didn’t because I wanted to look confident even though in the back of my head I knew I really needed help. The sale representative then started talking about brands I thought were good and was telling me how I’d get a better deal buying a different brand. After he said that it caught my attention and I knew he was very knowledge about computers. So I told him that I was looking for basic laptop for traveling purposes and he pointed to one and said this is the best one for you. It has everything you will need and is even better than the other brand name computer you were looking at with a much lower price tag. After deciding on the computer he pointed out I realized even though I didn’t want help he still ended up helping me by approaching the situation in a different way. He was very friendly and professional also whenever I go to Best Buy now for something I’m looking to buy I try and find him.
Negative sales experience
Even though most sales representatives are typically friendly there are a handful of...

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