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Salman Rushdie's Views On Literature And Its Vital Role In The Success Of Mankind

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Salman Rushdie's Views on Literature and its Vital Role in the Success of Mankind

Salman Rushdie, addresses the issue of literature and its vital role in the success of mankind. He uses many different reasons to persuade the reader that the art of literature, mediates between the material and spiritual worlds; thus, rising it's prominence to holy literature or rather above it. He states that literature is the least compromised and thus the finest form of art. Literature allows us to deal with debates of society free of any restrictions or regulation. He also believes that literature enables us to question and inquire, allowing us to rise above and beyond the boundaries of the material and physical being. Based on these points Rushdie is able to state that literature allows us to mediate between the sacred and the secular worlds and argues that it plays a great role in our world

Rushdie believes that the art of literature is greater to all other forms of art. He says that "…literature is the art least subject to external control, because it is made in private. The act of making it requires only one person, one pen, one room, some paper…" (p. 12). In this quote he is trying to convince us that literature is ultimately the most superior form of art by proclaiming that this form is least compromised. This art requires only few resources and has minimum financial cost; a writing utensil and paper are all that's need to produce an effective piece of literature. Rushdie feels that this art is free of any external control because it's an expression of one's personal views and thoughts. In literature unique ideas and views are of greater interest than those which relate to the views general population. Unique pieces of literature allow us to open hidden doors in our minds and see the world from different perspective then our own.

Many issues concerning society can be permanently resolved through literature because literature is obstinate. Unlike religious teachings, literature does not...

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