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Salt Aire Foundation Is Preserving The Fine And Performing Arts

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Salt Aire Foundation is preserving the Fine and Performing Arts

Business Description
Salt Aire Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit 501c3 based in Utah, and dedicated to the preservation of education for all demographics including special needs, providing a unique emphasis on the Fine and Performing Arts.

SAF Mission Statement
The mission serves to elevate awareness, establish support, and offer educational opportunities and encouragement, thereby eliciting tremendous enthusiasm and momentum for the Arts and Humanities, while creating a positive impact in our communities.

SAF has organized six programs in keeping with our commitment:

1) The Utah Film School (UFS) is a forum for youth, adults alike, and offer’s courses in all areas of the entertainment industry. The instructor, students, and film school coordinator determines the projects based on the students individual skills and needs. Contact information: web-site- phone-Vicky Johnston-801-882-9102

Group and individual instruction, mentoring, development, and coaching are an integral part of UFS. Scholarships are in place for eligible applicants.

As in all the programs developed by the Salt Aire Foundation, diversity is an integral element. All ethnicities and age groups are encouraged to participate in all aspects of UFS.

2) SAF Educational Outreach/DVD Program is a project designed to provide keen insight into the genre of film production, by providing classes and hands on experience in a community that otherwise would not have such opportunities. This takes place in smaller communities, towns, or cities. SAF appoints a designated team to teach classes for 4-6 weeks resulting in a production of a 10-20 minute documentary highlighting that specific community. All class participants and other individuals who desire to play a small role in the development of the film will produce this documentary. The finished documentary is granted to that particular community in hopes of it generating tourism or interest by being utilized as a promotional or educational tool.

3) School Outreach Education Program exists wherein a SAF team member will act as a mentor and participate in a school classroom; works with the teacher and students each week for approximately 6 weeks on a pre-established arts project that will result in a public presentation or showcase. This project will allow students and teachers to experience the wonders of the creative process and creative expression. The current economic pressures have decimated many former in-school arts education programs, in many instances, literally eliminating available access by students to the world of the performing and fine Arts. In compliance with the foundation’s commitment to diversity, this program will further implement, assist, and include the emotionally and physically disabled. This can become a very powerful and positive influence in their lives. By introducing our youth to the multitudes of fascinating...

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