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Field Education Experience At Christian Counseling

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Write a paragraph about your Field Education Experience. Include such details as site, mentor, length/time, and your responsibilities.

It was my privilege to engage in a Field Education Experience for my degree in Christian Counseling at a private counseling practice specializing in art and play therapy. Dan Bayly is an LCPC and the counseling director at Paradise Creek Counseling in Moscow, Idaho. Mr. Bayly was my mentor during my 2 months in working with various ages of children and young adults dealing with a range of psycho-social issues. My main responsibilities included observation and interaction with clients during their sessions (particularly in the realm of experiential play therapy). In addition, I also learned and performed professional counseling clerical duties such as filing insurance, organizing appointments, filing patient charts, and taking patient notes. This time also included involvement with a local chapter of Celebrate Recovery, a Christian form of “AA” group therapy focused on Christ to help those in the community struggling with “hurts, habits, and hangups.” My responsibilities in this aspect of my FEE centered on building relationships and encouraging individual sharing by being an accountability partner for those people desiring help in their commitment to the program.

2. Write a paragraph about your Christian service experiences. List any significant service
opportunities you participated in while at Central. Describe the location, responsibilities,
and length of service there.

During my time at Central, I had the opportunity to experience a diversity of Christian service experiences. These ranged from working with the inner city youth of Moberly with Family Life Fellowship (one semester), to being a co-youth minister of Southern Randolph Chapel in Higbee (two semesters), to being an active praise team member for Crossroads Christian Church in Macon (3 semesters). Perhaps my most significant service opportunity was being involved with the nursing home ministry ran by Central students. This ministry involved visiting the members of Moberly Care Center each week and performing a song service of hymns, offering communion, and preaching a sermon. The most I felt used by God was before and after service in the time we spent just visiting and encouraging the seniors there. Choosing to place myself in that environment was a humble reminder of how important it is to fulfill what Christ calls us to in “doing to the least of these.”

3. Write a paragraph about your involvement in campus groups, either as a leader or a member. Describe the experiences, your involvement, how you contributed, and the results that you saw.
Being an off-campus student did have a significant impact with my level of involvement with campus groups. While I did get involved with the nursing home ministry group, the majority of my group involvement came through participating in chapel...

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