Developing Communication Skills Essay

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1. Write a paragraph about the classes and assignments that best developed your communication skills. Be specific in describing how they were helpful.

Basic Counseling Methods (taught by Regina Green and Aaron Welch) was one of my most memorable classes for helping me to develop communication skills. This class detailed the framework for creating open communication which involved open questions, reflection, summary, and the importance of reading body language. This in addition with Advanced Counseling Methods involved role playing with these communication techniques in different scenarios. While these were initially intimidating, practicing what was just learned help to cement these essential concepts into my learning. Oral Communication also helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking. Dr. Williams also made the experience lighthearted and helped me to not take myself so seriously. He also emphasized the importance of memorizing an outline rather than a manuscript. Professor Walton was also fond of breaking up his classes into small groups for discussion. While this was already a strong area for me in communication, it helped me to grow into the role of a leader in this position more by asking questions of others rather than knowing all the answers and telling others what to think.

2. Write a paragraph about communication opportunities you experienced outside of the classroom. What were the strengths and weaknesses that you demonstrated in those contexts?

The majority of my extra-curricular communication during my time at Central consisted of either one-on-one counseling and relationship building or small and large group discussion. In these contexts a key strength that I exhibited was the ability to listen fully before responding or replying. Another skill I often employed was reading body language and giving appropriate feedback by either mirroring who was speaking or even changing my body position to a more open stance to encourage and demonstrate my receptivity to what they are trying to communicate. One particular area of weakness was in that of giving answers rather than asking more questions in order to help the other persons or group arrive at their own conclusions, thus cementing important concepts themselves. Throughout my time at Central, my least developed communication skills were those relating to public speaking. While this is due in part to the limited opportunities that were given for this type of communication because of my degree program, it would have been beneficial to stretch myself further in this area.

3. Write a paragraph about you communication fear or confidence described in the PRCA-24. Describe how it is relevant to your ministry plans and will inform you future communication

According to the PRCA 24, I demonstrate less apprehension than my fellow Central classmates in Group (9.0), Meeting (12.0), and Interpersonal (11.0). However in Public...

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