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The cultured genre of hip-hop, which includes R&B and rap, has a slew of pioneers. Artists from Sugarhill Gang to Run DMC dominated the airwaves. Hip-hop belonged to men. It was their territory. No one had ever even conceived such a notion of an all-girl rap group. That is, until Salt-N-Pepa came into place. Salt-N-Pepa are one of hip-hop's biggest influences for women whom are presently involved in the music industry. They were one of the many women whom lit the torch for women and have passed it down to artists such Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, and many others. Salt-N-Pepa are inspirations for many women around the world.
Cheryl Wray and Sandy Denton, better known as dynamic rap duo, Salt-N-Pepa, from Brooklyn, New York, burst onto the all-male scene of hip hop in the 1980’s as Super Nature with “The Showstopper,” an answer track to Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show.” Since then, the two made remarkably incredible music together. They met at Queensborough College in New York. They were polar opposites. Cheryl (Salt) was the quiet reserved one who always had her nose in a book and Sandy (Pepa) was the loud, outgoing party girl. One day, according to Denton’s autobiography Let’s Talk About Pep, Cheryl floated around the cafeteria handing out applications for positions at her then job at Sears. Denton accepted one, filled it out, and got a job at Sears with James where she met Hurby Azor, Salt-N-Pepa’s future producer, songwriter, and manager. Since the first song, Salt-N-Pepa went on to sell many albums and win plenty of awards. They’ve inspired many women as well as most, if not all, female rap, R&B, and hip-hop artists such as Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and others.
As mentioned before, Salt-N-Pepa weren’t always Salt-N-Pepa. They started off briefly with the name Super Nature. It was until after they started with “The Showstopper” did their name change. The name Salt-N-Pepa actually originated from a line in “The Showstopper (Denton 47-48).” The name was actually fitted for Azor and Martin Lawrence before changing it to Azor and James. Azor claims, “The original Salt-N-Pepa was gonna be me and Martin Lawrence. He couldn’t rap, so that died out. Then it became me and Cheryl. But then I said ‘Hey it would be better if there were two girls (Murdy and Sirota).’” That was the beginning of Salt-N-Pepa. They released their first single after “Showstopper,” entitled “Tramp,” which Denton describes as an edgy song that she loved (Denton 65). “Tramp” was put on the record on the A side, which back then, was the side an artist would put their hit on. On the B side, they recorded “Push It.” Neither Denton nor James liked this song. They thought it was too “pop,” and feared they might be considered crossover artists. Being a...

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