Salvador Dali And His Surrealist Movement.

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Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali was born 11 May, 1904 in the small town of Figueras in the Province, Catalunya. His first name had previously been given to a boy who had died in infancy. He was often aware that he was the second Salvador. Three years later, a sister was born named Ana Maria. He was a difficult child and refused to conform to family or community customs.Dali received private art lessons in Figueras, and later attended the Escuela Especial de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. He lived in the Residencia de Estudiantes, where he met other art students. He was expelled and reinstated, but never took the final examinations. Dali felt, with good reason, that he did not need the type of education the school offered.Disowned by his father, Dali moved into a fisherman's shack in the small village of Port Lligat, two miles from Cadaques on the coast where the Pyrenees come down to the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the French border. The most important person in his life was a Russian emigree living in Paris and married to the French poet, Paul Eluard, Dlena Diakonova, known as "Gala". She left Eluard for Dali, whom she married after the death of her husband. She saved Dali from a serious nervous disorientation and took charge of every aspect of his life: financial, artistic, and sexual. With her help, he became established in Paris as a notable painter. Dali joined the Dada and Surrealist group led by Andre Breton, but left the group a few years later to become a serious surrealist. As he became better known and more successful financially, he bought a number of fishermen's shacks adjacent to his original one and made them into an extensive house, now the property of the government of Spain. His house has been declared a national heritage, and no changes are permitted.Later paintings show his respect for great classical painters, and are often on religious or historic subjects. For many years, Dali spent the winter in New York City, always at the St. Regis Hotel. On the way to and from Spain, he often stopped for a while in Paris. In Figueras, a burned out opera house was transformed into a museum, and Dali took great pleasure in creating a monument to his artistic life. It includes a number of important paintings and...

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1104 words - 4 pages For my artist report I chose Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist painter. Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali was born in the small town of Figueras, Spain on May 11, 1904. He came from a middle-class family and seemed to express a great interest in art from the very beginning. He read many books about art as a young child and had a completed his first oil paintings at the age of eight. At this point he was sent by his parents to live with the

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3121 words - 12 pages Dali is one of the most famous surrealist artists, because of his extremeness and controversial personality, he was rejected by the surrealist movement itself.Surrealism is identified as a twentieth-century movement in art and literature which claims to find a "super reality" in the objects of subliminal mental reality. It is sharply opposed to both naturalism and to purely abstract painting. It was influenced by Freud's psychoanalysis, and its

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535 words - 2 pages Salvador Dali, the talented surrealist painter was born May 11, 1904 in Figueras, Spain. He was the second of three children in his family. His parents believed him to be the reincarnation of his older brother who had died just nine months before Salvador was born. Dali said later in life that he often felt like he and his dead brother were one when he painted. His parents were very indulgent through out his childhood, Dali often dressed up and

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609 words - 2 pages Perhaps one of the world's greatest artists is the Hispanic artist Salvador Dali. He won many awards and became very successful in his work as an artist. During his childhood and thereafter, during the Depression, Salvador Dali's artwork and personality were influenced by many different people and entities. Dali's personal life exhibited to his contemporaries and those who enjoyed his works after his lifetime the various influences that

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