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Salvador Dali, The Art Within. Essay

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Salvador DaliBackground of the artist:Salvador Dali born in Spain on the 11th of May 1904 was a natural born artist. It was his mother that first encouraged Dali to explore his interest for creativity in art.Dali spent his boyhood in Figueres at his families waterside home where this parent set him up his first studio, and let him explore his talent that was to progress to a dramatic talent. He then attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts with his extraordinary talent being recognized 1925 in his first "one man" show in Barcelona which lead him to be internationally recognized. Dali hit high in the art world when he produced his first "one man" show in Paris, which was a great honor.Dali soon became a leader of the surrealist movement. His painting, "The Persistence of memory" with the soft or melting watches is still one of the best-known surrealist works.As the war approached Dali clashed with the surrealists and for that reason was "expelled" from the surrealists group during a "trial" in 1934.Dali was very much a self taught artist who received very little training, his lessons were life experienced and very much embraced.Dali was creative in his own right but his inspirations were very much based on two forces the shaped his philosophy and his art.The first being Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious, introduced to Dali in Freud's book "The Interpretation of Dreams". The second was his association with the French surrealists, a group of artists and writers led by the French poet Andre Breton.Italian Renaissance maters, the mannerists, the Italian metaphysical painters Carlo Carra and Giorgio de Chirico, also influenced him.Dali was constantly moving with the art world changes so therefore was as constantly influenced by surrealist movement.Dali's artistic style formed into a blend of precise realism and dreamlike fantasy, created stretched and vast landscapes with often unrelated and bizarre objects. These pictures, "hand painted dream photographs" as Dali would call them, are inspired by dreams, and the feeling of the artist which can never really be explained, this all comes into practice though a method he called "paranoiac-critical activity".The most recognizable figure he would use would be the female form in some form.As an artist Dali was not limited to a particular style or media. The body of his great works flows with the time, ranging from early impressionist painting, to surrealist works and into a classical period, he was never still nor stuck, his mind flowed in perfect sink with his hands.Dali painted with a range of intentions so therefore painted with a range of styles, he never limited himself to any particular type of brush stroke or media he used all if not even invented his own. His hand movements were his expression and his expression was his technique that lead him to international recognition.Because Dali didn't limit the type of art he did, he used a variety of media, In his painting he used watercolours...

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