Salvador Dali: His Life And Paintings

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Salvador Dali is one of the most sensational artists of the XX century. He was a Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and designer. After passing through phases of Cubism, Futurism and Metaphysical painting, he joined the Surrealists in 1929.Surrealism is an art movement that explored and celebrated the realm of dreams and unconscious mind through creation of visual art, poetry, and motion pictures. Among surrealism's most important contributions was the invention of new artistic techniques that tapped into the artist's unconscious mind.In his book Dali wrote: "In twenty five years I wanted to become the most sensational artist in the world, and I became prominent" (Dali, Chevalier, 1993). He searched for sense outside rational perception, and searched for an output in intuitive, subconscious sphere.The three periods are distinguished in the Dali's life. The first period - till 1928 was time of children's impressions, studies, acquaintances to classical art and to the major art directions; the second period lasted for 10 years, (1928 to 1947) was the period of program surrealistic creativity; the third period since 1948 after returning to Spain was the period of manipulation, the period of classical heritage, art and religious, creation of religious series of works.Dali distinguished five stages in his work: Dali-Planetary, Dali-Molecular, Dali - Monarchic, Dali - Hallucinogen, Dali - Futirity. Dali did not include the time till 1927 into these periodsThe boy who became one of the greatest geniuses of surrealism epoch was born on May, 11, 1904 in a middle-class family of Don Salvador Dali. His childhood Dali prent in Catalonia, in northeast of Spain, the most beautiful place in the globe. The talent for painting Dali showed in early age. In four he tried to draw with surprising diligence for a small child. At six Dali were impressed by the image of Napoleon and as though identified himself with Napoleon. Salvador Dali drew the first picture at the age of ten. It was a small impressionistic landscape on a wooden board by oil paints. The talent of the genius was torn outside. The whole day he stayed in the small room drawing. Dali took lessons from professor Zhoana Nunjesa . Already in 14 years it was evident that Dali has extraordinary talent to drawing.When he was 15 years old Dali was expelled from monastic school for indecent behaviour. But he passed all examinations successfully and entered the Institute. He finished it with brilliant results in 1921. Further he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he mastered academic techniques. In sixteen years Dali began to note his thoughts. From this very moment painting and literature became an integral part of his creative life. In self-made edition "Studium" he publishes articles about well known artists.At the beginning of 20th Dali admired works of futurists, but nevertheless he was full of desire to create his own style in painting. At this time new friends appeared. Among...

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