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The Salvation Of God Is The Cure

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“The salvation of God is the cure: sin is the disease” (Kevan, Ernest F. Salvation. Michigan: Baker, 1963. Print.), when I first saw this quote it really stuck out to me, the statement is true in my opinion. The only way to get rid of a disease is to find the cure. Salvation is what we need to be spiritually whole, that is why we are made new when we accept God into our heart, and we get “saved”. Throughout this paper I will explain what is means to be “saved”, for what we are saved, and through what?
“Salvation is evident in the human response in faith, love, and a certain gallantry to the challenges of the world – discrimination, death, poverty, disease, handicaps. It is the unexpected response, unexplained save through the inspiration of the Spirit of God, the work of God’s grace.”(Bullock, James R. Whatever Became of Salvation? Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1979. Print.) I really like this short statement, it explains how salvation is a way to deal with the evil of the world, by simply recognizing that God is truly the only way to live a fulfill life, with a sense of purpose. But the first question we ask ourselves when we decide to get saved is, how, the correct question we should be asking is “what does it mean to get saved? Too often we describe being saved as “getting” or “having” Jesus Christ as our “personal” Lord and Savior. I am part of that population who thought that “getting” or “having” Jesus Christ as our “personal” Lord and Savior was giving you the authority to say “I am saved” or “I am a believer/ Christian.” But like the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”, to truly be a believer of Jesus Christ, it is not only accepting Him as your Lord and Savior but to also show His love through you. “Salvation is a “way,” a journey, a life-path, and not only or merely a point in time or a destination.” (Green, Joel B. Salvation. St. Louis, Mo: Chalice Press, 2003. Print.) I really like this quote as well because it puts salvation in a sweet and simple way that can explain a word which seems so complex. Salvation has been a strange word to me because I never got the true concept or background information on it, so I never truly understood its meaning on my life or the life of others.
Salvation is what Jesus gave us because He died on the cross for our sins, sometimes we take that for granted. “Salvation involves actual renewal, transformation, and purification through the ever-potent grace of God.” (Collins, Kenneth J. The Scripture Way of Salvation: The Heart of John Wesley's Theology. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1997. Print.) When I saw this quote, I instantly relate it to a baptism. Even though I, myself, have never been baptism, I have seen many people get baptism. They seem to feel refresh and rejuvenated after their done. I would like to experience that myself but it’s the part of getting water in my water in my ear that stops me. I know being baptized, especially in front of the congregation of your church, is important to...

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